Lesson 2

Jesus Christ, when He was here on earth, did supernatural things every single day. It was normal for Him to be supernatural. And he prophesied we would do things even greater, amen?

You can get into a supernatural flow that will become normal for you. You can see miracles happen all over the place in every area of your life. You can pray for people and see them healed. You will see how that new level, living in the realm of the supernatural is the result of your understanding of your soul and it’s healing. You will learn how to facilitate healing in other people’s souls. How does that sound to you?

In the coming lessons, I will teach you two simple steps for getting your soul healed. They are both about Jesus. That’s the beauty of this revelation. It’s all about Jesus. You will learn that the blood from the cross and a power called dunamis, from the Resurrection, can heal your soul. Those two things can be applied to a myriad of issues and debacles that concern you.

The same two answers, Jesus (the blood from the cross) and the dunamis power from the Resurrection can heal inflammation, cancer, your marriage, can correct your doctrinal thinking and can heal anything in your life. We will apply those two things about Jesus over and over and over again.

I want to first give you a foundation of understanding about the soul. Then, we will build on that foundation.

We’re three-part beings, body, soul, and spirit. When you were born again, your spirit man was made instantly perfect. In Colossians 1 it talks about the mystery among the Gentiles, of Christ in us the hope of glory. When you’re born again, the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, comes to reside inside of you. Now do you think anything is wrong with the Spirit of Christ? Is there any fault? Any sin? Any issue? Any problem?

That means of all the problems in your life none are coming from your born-again spirit, right? So where are they coming from? They come from your soul. When you’re born again, your soul man is not made instantly perfect. Your soul consists of your mind, your will and your emotions. When you’re born again, those three parts of you, your soul, does not get instantly healed like your spirit man does.

In Hebrews 10:14, we read, “For by one offering, He,” (meaning Jesus) “has perfected forever them that are sanctified.” Jesus’ sacrifice enables us to be sanctified. What does that mean? What is sanctification? Sanctification is a process of cleansing and purification. Where does this process of cleansing and purification happen in us? It happens in our souls. It’s our soul that gets cleansed and purified.

Now how do I know that? Well, in the Strong’s Concordance “sanctification” means “the renewal of the soul.” That’s what it means in the Greek according to the “Strong’s.” It is the soul that is sanctified. That’s what gets progressively step-by-step cleansed and purified in us, our soul. Our spirit is perfected instantly. Our soul, however, has to go through the process of sanctification.

Now why would our souls have to be healed? Why would our souls need to be cleansed and purified? Because according to the Bible, our souls are wounded. Our souls have been literally wounded through two means, sin and trauma. This is where we will begin next week. KS

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  • Stephanie Perez

    Thank you Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding of these lessons! They are will be applied to my life and I will share the revelation with others: Wow Katie, this is a wonderful blog to teach. Thank you

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