Food Addictions

I started the daily communion for food addictions on February 5th. As Katie prayed just after taking communion, the Lord removed over an inch to possibly an inch and half of abdominal fat. I have been overweight all my life. A blouse I could not comfortably wear a month ago fits wonderfully now, and the sleeves seem loose! Yesterday I pulled out a pair of jeans I couldn’t wear for the past 4 years and they fit perfectly. On 2-8-19 I watched the video my second time. The rest of the day my head was filled with many types of desserts, treats and junk foods, telling me I needed to get some. But the essential pull of either a sweet taste or salty taste was GONE, and I had no problems resisting. There truly was no inner urge to go buy and eat any of the foods. I have no problems resisting when another food picture appears before me, nor have I needed to mindlessly eat whatever is already here. Weight has been the visible problem all my life, and I plan to rewatch this video as long as I need her encouragement. Thank you so much. -C. R.

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