Financial Miracle!!

Dear Prayer team,

Thank you so very much for your prayers, for a small house. God led me, after some looking, to get a house within my price range and also to get help to get into the housing market, here in Australia. This is my first home, and as soon as I saw the house, I sensed that God quietly let me know, that this was it. (I didn’t want to over mortgage myself and to keep it simple). So, thank God, my loan was approved, and I was staying with my parents, while some renovations and etc, were done. Late one afternoon, there was a huge rainstorm and we went to check on the house, and there was an excessive amount of water damage, from a leaking roof. (The previous owner, that we know, refused a building inspection). Anyway, yes, the roof leaked, through the ceilings, electrical and etc and so I called the home insurance company and paid the $500 excess, (to get the ball rolling). I paid $220,000 (Australian dollars for the house). This would be about $172,540.78 (in USA dollars).
So basically almost the whole house needed to be stripped and is in the process of being remodeled.
The house was built in the mid-1970s. So, after my paying for a new roof $13,000 and minus a few other expenses for bathroom taps, and bits and pieces, the insurance company is paying for over $85,000 of new remodeling!. I was lost for words, and thank you, God!.
God so does work in mysterious ways!.
I will be getting the house revalued after it’s complete.

Also, I work in health care, in the community, and our staff was recommended to be tested for co vid 19. So I had the test yesterday, and I have been tested negative!. (By the way, I had no symptoms, or etc). I just wanted to be tested, to let my community clients know, that I’ve been tested, and it’s all good).

Thank you, God and Katie Souza ministries!!!.

Blessings, Simone (Tasmania, Australia).

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