Lesson 8

Jesus is able to heal you. You have to allow it. Everything I’ve shared is true. I’ve witnessed many miracles. Some are quick. Others take time. I’ve had instant miracles in my life; they came as quickly as I prayed. In other cases, I’ve had to battle for my miracle. Sometimes people have to go to war to get their healing. Why is that? I don’t know. When I see Jesus, I will ask him. Until then however, I’m going to go after what he promised me in the bible. I’m not taking anything less.

God does not love me any more than he loves you. Well, maybe a little more. No, that was to make you laugh. We are all equal in God’s eyes and that is important to remember. When Jesus went from village to village teaching in the synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, he healed every sickness and every disease among the people. He did not discriminate. (Matthew 9:35)

Now, do you think there were a few skeptics in those days? I do. You think people went to see Jesus just to see, for themselves, if he was really a healer? Do you think some of them doubted, until they saw blind eyes healed, lame people walk and leprosy cleansed away? And, do you think after watching sick people become excited and happy to be healthy again, that some of those skeptics became believers?
In my experience, when people share testimonies of their healings, faith rises in other people and they get their own miracles. I’ve been in meetings where hundreds of people were healed. Faith, in those meetings, was sky-high!

Through this series, I’ve taught how to repent, plead the blood and dunamis and be restored. Now, I’m going to share some testimonies. These came from one of my healing clinics and I am going to write them from the transcript of the video tape, to stay true to the people who gave them. If God wanted to heal these people, he wants to heal you. You are no different in his eyes.
The first is from a woman named Jo.

“I’ve suffered almost two years. My eyes were always bothering me, itching constantly, all day. I was always cleaning and wiping gunk out of my eyes. I have to put drops in three times a day and before I go to sleep. My eyes were constantly red. During prayer, I just applied the blood and I realized I have carried a lot of resentment and un-forgiveness towards people in my past. I feel great now because I chose to forgive them. I realized it is the enemy that was persecuting my soul and using other people to bind me and keep me down. The irritation in my eyes is gone. There is no itching. The irritation felt like grains of sand in my eyes. But now, it is all gone. I feel great. It happened gradually, as God showed me each little piece of resentment and every time I repented and applied the blood and dunamis, my eyes became more and more clear.”

Then, there is Marsha.

“Well, I had a pain in my back, on my left side. And really bad, sharp pain in the shoulder. And when the lady came over and started praying for me, my bones actually started popping and cracking and I could feel it. She kept saying, ‘Everything back into order, back into order,’ and I could feel my joints just going every which way. The woman who prayed for me heard it. She said, ‘I can hear your bones popping.’ I’ve been in pain for years, from trauma. I’ve prayed and prayed and applied the blood of the cross. But tonight, I applied dunamis and everything just went into place. The pain is gone.”

Mary was next.

“I had a bone spur in my foot for a couple of months. I can only wear certain shoes or the pain is too much. I was just sitting there doing the activations as you led, just praying and God showed me some emotional healing he did for me. It just instantly disappeared. Normally, when I stand and walk around a lot, like today, it really hurts, but the pain is completely gone.”

Next, Mary Lou stepped up with her testimony.

“I have been healed of an eating disorder that I’ve had since I was probably about 5 years old. I’ve been prayed for so many times. I even serve in the healing ministry at my church. Until now, I did not know about dunamis. As we prayed, releasing dunamis, I had my hands out and they became very warm. I just kept asking to be filled with dunamis and then the lady next to me was kind enough to pray for me and there was a lot of warfare that went on there but we fought through it and I know that today is the day of my healing. It has been a struggle. I’m more than 60 years old and every day is torture. Every meal is torture. I felt guilty, embarrassed and ashamed. I fight my weight. It’s all encompassing. But today I finally have my victory, in Jesus’ name!”

Those are just a few. There were dozens of testimonies of victory that weekend. A young woman named Deborah told us God restored the enamel on her teeth! They were beautiful, by the way.

Remember, if God can do it for someone else, he can do it for you. He can and he will. Big Love, Katie

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  • Heidi Fortner

    Amen,i believe all of it and I’m believing for my teeth to be restored also. Please stand with me in prayer. I’ve always believed God can heal them all only your the first person I’ve heard say it. God bless and continue to Fight the good fight of faith…Sister in Christ Heidi

  • steve

    I wish you would take checks so I could send something. I know checks are hard because people send what they wished they had not what they really have.

    • Robert Souza

      Of course if you ever did wish to donate to our ministry you could by sending your gift to the following address. Blessings!

      Expected End Ministries
      PO Box 1289
      Maricopa, AZ 85139

    • Sonya

      Yes they takes checks. That’s how i send my funds in every month!!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I need enamel on mine too…me and my kids need dental work. We all have very crooked teeth and would enjoy not having such a crammed mouth!

  • Jackie

    Appreciate your sharing others’ testimonies. It has encouraged me to trust Jesus for my eyesight to be restored.

  • Pat orr

    I believe I can have total manifested healing in my left foot from bone spurs and diagnosed plantar fascia and restored hearing in both my ears from tinnitus!

  • Carmen Shears

    I was healed in one of Katie’s conferences (August 2016) by the laying on of hands. A lady sitting in the chair behind me saw me grabbing my neck a lot because of the pain. In sympathy, she reached forward and started messaging my shoulders and neck. When she stopped I was healed. That was a month ago and I am still pain-free and the bone at the back of my neck doesn’t stick out anymore. All this was because Katie said that we could all do what she can do. Confess sins, repent and pray for one another with dunamis power. Now I am studying Katie’s teachings at home and believing for the bones in my knees and spine to be repaired or replaced by the dunamis power of Jesus Christ. In the meantime I am practicing on friends and family who need healing and soaking myself. I will let you know when the miracles start happening.

  • Naomi

    Hello Katie, My name is Naomi. My prayer is that some day the Lord will bring you to this place for a healing conference. I currently live here in Nova Scotia in Canada. Please pray and seek the Lord.

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