Eyes Cleared Completely

I thank God for this ministry and for what He is doing through it. My daughter was born late June and recently we noticed her eyes are yellow (she had jaundice two days after birth and was put under photo-therapy). It had cleared but seemed to be coming back. I took her for a check-up and tests revealed abnormalities in her liver and a suspected condition: Biliary atresia which requires immediate surgery. She wasn’t exhibiting the symptoms though tests were suggesting the same. We needed to do a costly scan to rule this out. I felt led to listen to healing testimonies and came across a video on Youtube from this ministry about God healing kids. I prayed, believed and felt my hands tremble as I laid my hands on her. Her eyes began to clear completely. God provided the money for us to do the scan which ruled out the condition. I am grateful for the various ministries including this one because God strengthened me during that long week. Blessings!!!!!- L.M

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