Excellence of Soul

Lesson 4

My favorite meaning of the word dunamis is “excellence of soul”. When you’re having a “moment”, stop yourself for one second and say, “I don’t need to have this moment. I’m full of Holy Spirit and dunamis. I can send dunamis to that thing that’s making me have a moment. I can ask the Holy Spirit to figure out why I am having a moment. Holy Spirit, why am I freaking out at this moment? Please find out, then put dunamis on it, and make me excellent of soul!”

You will begin prospering and being healthy even as your soul is prospering. If you’re thinking a wrong thought, ask the Holy Spirit to figure out why. Ask Him, “Why am I thinking like that? Why am I being fearful in my mind? Why am I being anxious? Why Holy Spirit? Please do what 1 Corinthians 2:10 says: go out and explore, examine, and sound out even the bottomless things of God. Find out the hidden things, things beyond my scrutiny. Find out why I’m thinking like this. Then, apply dunamis to it and make me excellent of soul.”

You don’t need to be tormented anymore. You’ve got all the power and the guidance inside your spirit man right now. You don’t have to live in fear, doubt, or anxiety. Send Holy Spirit on an assignment. Find out why you’re anxious. Ask Him, “Holy Spirit, find out why I’m anxious and depressed. Find out why I keep exploding on my husband, and why I keep wanting to just give up! Holy Spirit, apply dunamis to that root and make me excellent of soul, so I can prosper and be healthy even as my soul prospers.” Everyday pick out a new problem and then sic Holy Spirit and dunamis power on it. You’ll see it go away. Just make that your prayer until it leaves. Listen, He does it every time.

Try not to complain while Holy Spirit is working. Impatience is our biggest problem; so send Holy Spirit against that impatience thing! We want to be controlled by the spirit. Right? We want Holy Spirit to be just like map quest, “Take a right and travel for five miles.” Then, when you mess something up or you accidentally pass your destination, Holy Spirit says, “Rerouting.” Well, Holy Spirit wants that too! He wants to hook you up, make sure you get to your destination on time and in one piece.

This is how you become full of and controlled by Holy Spirit; you get your soul healed! When your soul gets healed, you’re no longer thinking crazy thoughts and you can hear the spirit clearer. Your wounded soul isn’t going be having a convulsion inside of you. When you’re convulsing, it’s really hard to hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to you!

The bible says that Jesus was full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit. He returned from the Jordan being led by the Spirit of the Lord. Wow! He went to the right place because he was being led by the Holy Spirit. Steven was also a man that was full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit and had many miracles. Barnabas was a good man, full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit and full of faith. And the bible says, “Then Peter, [because he was] filled with [and controlled by] the Holy Spirit…” (Acts 4:8 AMPC)

When you are born again, your spirit man is full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit. Right now, you have a tankful of Holy Spirit and dunamis power. Not one more drop could fit into your spirit man. The bible says that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13 NKJV). You don’t seal a jar unless it’s full. So, your spirit man is full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit. So, why wasn’t every new believer in the bible described as “full of and controlled of the Holy Spirit”? Because their souls weren’t healed yet by the Holy Spirit and dunamis power.

Jesus, Stephen, Barnabas, and Peter were full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit. The Greek word “full” is plērēs and it means “of the soul, thoroughly permeated with” (Strong’s G4134). To be completely permeated in the soul. So, when you’re full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit, your soul has been invaded by Him and He has used his dunamis power to make you excellent of soul.

Layer upon layer, you will get all the junk inside your trunk healed by the Holy Spirit and dunamis power. You will become more and more excellent, until finally, your soul will be out of the way, and you will hear the spirit of the Lord clearly (and you will no longer be freaking out). When you’re full of and controlled by the Holy Spirit, your soul can be just like your spirit man, directed by the spirit of the Lord.

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  • Doris Noble

    No matter how much I watch your videos and how much of your material that I read, I still learn more every time I read or watch.


    God Bless you and your family and team as well

  • Vonda Glaser

    I love you guys. Thank you so much

  • Debra

    This was really a helpful article. I always ask Holy Spirit for help on other things, but not on soulish things. Dugh!!! Wow! Now I know to ask in that area as well. Thankyou

  • Leah Thompson

    Glenoid Labrum tear right shoulder, and Thyroid I release Dunamis to that area.

  • Robin


    Thank you for sending these emails and being obedient. I’ve seen you in Lees Summit Missouri do this same teaching. It’s sad that I had forgotten . Praise the Lord for you for reminding me! I am a work in progress and these emails really help. Now I need to go back and listen to my CD’s. Again, thank you

  • Alexandra

    Love you all! I thank God for all the gold nuggets of revelation and impartation I receive everytime I listen or read one of your teachings. So annointed! God bless you all a thousandfold

  • Fara McSpadden

    My soul has been so polluted. It’s taking awhile, but I sense the change..the wholeness, the cleanliness, the hope are joy overtaking the darkness. When I cry now, it’s more in amazement at what the Lord is doing than because of my overwhelming troubles. I’m so grateful. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord that has changed you into a person who can change us. Unless I had hoped in the Lord….

  • Marlisa

    Thank you for this timely message. Words cannot express my need for this word at this time in my life.



  • Chris Ben

    Glory to GOD,
    Hello Katie, you are such a blessing. How wonderful it is to have come across you and understand the teaching about healing of the soul. Do you have plans coming to Nigeria?. This teaching is exactly what we need. Love you plenty.

  • Chris Ben

    This is truly the key to the miraculous that I’ve alwAys wanted. Thank you precious Holy Spirit.

  • Cleopatra Zondo

    Thank You Father for such wisdom.God bless You Katie n the team

  • Kevin

    Awesome and beautiful teachings. Thank you for blessing the body!