Healing School - Live

Join Dr. Kynan Bridges and Katie Souza and learn how to contend for breakthrough in healing and finances . 

Here is how registration will look in Facebook 👇

What is an online event? 

Online events are virtual experiences that you can attend from anywhere. They're a way to gather with others when you can't physically be together. Some online events require you to purchase access. 

How does it work? 

When you purchase access, you're marked as Going to this event. We'll send you notifications to remind you when it's starting. This event is hosted through Facebook Live. You'll be able to stream the live video from the event page.

What do I get for purchasing access? 

You get access to all the exclusive content associated with the event, including any links to join interactive sessions. 

Is my payment secure on FaceBook? 

Yes, your transaction is processed securely with Facebook Pay. Your card and account numbers are never shared with the organizer of the event. 


Website: Facebook Live Only Event


Join Katie Souza and Dr. Kynan Bridges for an online facebook live conference.