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“A Move of God that Addresses
Every Wholeness Need for All Women”
The Lord Wants to Bring You Into Wholeness, Fullness, and Legacy!

FREE Online Event
March 6th – 8th, 2020
70 Sought-After Speakers

3 Days
Your Wholeness
Your Breakthrough
Your Legacy

This is your invitation to be apart of World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2020 where you’ll learn to live whole, on purpose with the Lord, living and serving in your sweet spots, without hindrances…

You are cordially invited…

March 6th-8th, 2020, over 70 of the world’s top leaders are coming together for one purpose — WHOLENESS FOR WOMEN — through God.  God wants Women WHOLE so they can walk in LEGACY that will impact generations to come!
What Do You Mean “Online Summit?”
If you have an internet connection, then you can be part of this event. During the event, the sessions will be broadcast online to everyone that signs up (for FREE).
No Travel!
No Tickets!
No Hotels!
No Childcare Costs!
We bring the experts right to you!
It’s time for you to get FREE!!! Here are just a few who will be joining us, and the topics they’ll be covering for you:

Real Talk Kim
Wholeness in Her Broken Places: Intimate Partner Violence, Divorce

Erin Smalley
Wholeness in Her Marriage

Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman
Wholeness in Her Motherhood: Infertility and Adoption

Stasi Eldredge
Wholeness in Her Womanhood

Dr. Barbara Lowe
Wholeness in Her Broken Places: Abuse, Divorce, Suicide

Valorie Burton
Wholeness in Her Following His Assignment

Alli Worthington
Wholeness in Her Soul: From Worry to Fierce Faith

Lynette Lewis
Wholeness in Her Pursuit of Dreams

Dr Henry Cloud
Wholeness in Her Boundaries

Morgan Olliges
Wholeness in Her Broken Places: Depression, Suicide

Leslie Vernick
Wholeness in Her Boundaries: Relational Abuse

Dr Tim Clinton
Wholeness in Her Church Family: Responding to Her Pain

Brenda Crouch
Wholeness in Her Self Identity: Her Fight Forward From God’s Point of View

Kate Battestelli
Wholeness in Her Motherhood: Legacy Parenting

Dr Juli Slattery
Wholeness in Her Sexuality

Annie Beiler
Wholeness In Her Story: Using Confession to Overcome Pain, Blame, and Shame

Shaunti Feldhahn
Wholeness in Her Relationship: Thriving in Love and Money

Arlene Pellicane
Wholeness in Her Family: Raising a Family as a Legacy For Christ

Dr. Steve Greene
Wholeness in Her Leadership: Increase Your Capacity to Lead

Robi Scott
Wholeness in Her Spiritual Life

Kaylyn Carlson
Wholeness in Her Reproductive Loss: Hurt after Miscarriage or Abortion

Pastor Nicole Crank
Wholeness in Her Finances

Dr. Venner Alston
Wholeness in Her Following His Voice

Kayla Stoecklein
Wholeness in Rebuilding Her Beautiful Life after Loss

Katie Souza
Wholeness in Her Faith: Seeing the Miraculous

Pastor Brady Boyd
Wholeness in Her Leadership: Smashing the Stained Glass Ceiling

Niki Hardy
Wholeness in Her Body: Trusting God with her Diagnosis

Pastor Mia Wright
Wholeness in Her Thought Life: Expecting More

Dr. Sharon May
Wholeness in Her Marriage: How to Argue So He Will Listen

Wendy Treat
Wholeness in Her Renewed Mind

Dr. Tonya Armstrong
Wholeness in Her Intersecting Areas of Marginalization

Sandra McCollom
Wholeness in Her Broken Places: Free from Perfectionism

Nicole C Mullen
Wholeness in Her Worship as a Lifestyle

Dr Sheri Keffer
Wholeness in Her Broken Places: Recovery After Betrayal

Jenny Weaver
Wholeness in Her Self Concept: Believing She Has Value

Laura Browning Grant
Wholeness in Her Love Walk

Over These 3 God Appointed Life-Changing Days, You will:

Experience Freedom From Anxiety.
​Reclaim HOPE for Every Stuck Place in Your Life.
​Experience HEALING in Every Relationship.
​Launch Into Your Purpose.
​Find More Success in Every Life Domain.
​Increase Your Effectiveness in Your Career or Ministry.
​Exchange Belonging for Loneliness
​Turn Your Grief Into Meaning and Joy in The LORD.
Understand Yourself and Others Better.
​Gain Tools for Creating the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of.
​Understand and Overcome Emotional Stuck Places.
​Experience Deep Healing in Your Sexual Self.
​Find Contentment Where You Are Needing It.
​Mind Meaning in Your Trials and Launch Into Purpose.
​Trust God More With Your Body.
​Get Free From Anxiety, Depression and/or Perfectionism.
​Learn How to Move From Outcast to Experiencing God’s Favor.
​Get Free From Heavy Burdens and Find Peace.
​Leave A Legacy for Your Children and Children’s Children.
​Know Freedom From Addiction.
​Be Touched by God in Every Area of Your Life.

The Women’s Wholeness Summit Is For You If:
  • You feel weary and burdened
  • ​You are hurting and want healing
  • You want more from life and God
  • ​Your relationships are challenging
  • ​ You have secret areas of brokenness
  • ​You want God to use your mistakes
  • ​You feel left out, left behind, or misunderstood
  • ​You have experienced reproductive loss
  • ​You are longing for dreams to be filled
  • ​You are looking for a new way forward
  • ​You have experienced the “Glass Ceiling” effect as a woman
  • ​You have been bullied or abused
  • ​You want to be a part of this move of God

If any of these describe you … you MUST register for a spot at the World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2020. It’s time.


Because it’s where you’ll be privy to how these top spiritual leaders are navigating their own lives to become more whole and strengthen their relationship with God. Even more important is the emphasis on women which is perfect timing for the plan that God has for us.