Encounter with Jesus!

I sit here at Ruby Hospital and think just how much I went through in this hospital. In 2018 my life changed like never before. I let so much hate and anger take over me. I wanted my mom and I wanted my grandma back and I took a road that took my life during a surgery that was supposed to be short and sweet. I can only imagine how and what my family thought when they heard that the doctors had to bring me back or however they tell your loved ones. I am going to tell you a little about what God’s story looks like threw my choices.

In July of 2018, I went under more surgeries then I ever thought I could endure. On the last surgery, I had the best thing ever happen to me. I went flat-lined I had died for what I can tell you changed my life forever in a true believer. I was angry at God and cursed him and everything possible. You’d think well shes going to hell. I was on Meth and I was on it to destroy everything of my being. Here we go for all you that wonder what God Our Father looks like and can do for you just as he did for me.

During this coding, and my heart-stopping I walked on this gravel path. I saw the most beautiful flowers, and when I saw this I mean not even the human eye can imagine this path. Then I heard birds of all kinds. My all-time favorite bird that I watched with my Mom Tammy Richards and Grandma Shultz is a hummingbird. I saw Millions and Millions of them. It was so Majestic, Beautiful, and an Honor.

I came to a set of doors and I heard three females laughing and having what sounded like a party of laughs. I knew the one rt off the bat for it was my Mommy’s. These big bright doors opened out towards me and I walked up to those three women. Here stood the one thing I wanted back. It was my Mommy and both of my grandmothers. They were in there late 30’s and no pain or anything we have here. I started crying because God was letting me see my Mommy again. I needed to know these three women were ok and home. And they are and they are so beautiful.

Upon meeting God and what God looked like to my eyes. This big tall handsome man walks up and has the bluest eyes of the ocean, hair down to his shoulders and very clean-cut, his beard was clean-cut and looked so handsome. He wore a burlap gown and let’s say there is no way on earth you can look at it with a human eye it is that bright. He had a flood of tears rolling down his face and said these most precious words.

“I love you my child, but I must send you back for I have a purpose for you. I am going to let these ladies walk you back to a point, but you have to go back¬† my child. I wanted to scream noooooooo, but instead, I grabbed my Mommy’s hand and my grandmas and we started back. Upon getting to the point we had to separate we all said I love you and they left me.”

When I got back I was what they were calling hovering over my body. Here I was watching the doctor work on my heart. All of a sudden I heard a beep beep.and they got my heart started and I was back in my body. God had pulled me out of the pits of hell I believe still to this day and gave me something to share with the world and let people know.

If you can read that and not have a tear let me tell you in person and let you look into the eyes and the life God sent me back with. I want you to understand I’m no more important than you or anyone else. All of this I am sharing is God’s story and Today I am sitting here at Ruby Hospital and seeing some of the doctors who let God work threw their hands to send me back. They look at me in shock for they never thought I would still be alive. God said if you doubt a word I say or tell you then let me show you.

I want people to understand God is your father and he will let your book only be a happy ending. I don’t believe in fairy tales, but I do believe in a happy loving ending for Gods only of good fruit. I am posting a picture with this of what God had to fix and then one of me now as I am a child of God. I am a Child of God and I will fulfill God’s way and no other way. I put a few names, but the ones I didn’t you know that I am so grateful for you too and I just didn’t want to tag you and bother your page.
There is one lady that did so much and needs to a Big I love you and Thank you for not giving up on me and you still don’t to this day. God put you in my life for a reason and you need to know that God has something BIG waiting to show off threw you and the time is nearing. You know who you are I am grateful God gave me you and You are a wonderful person and always giving. I love you and Thank you God for her. Amen


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