Dreams and Symbols

Lesson 7

The way we begin unpacking our dreams and visions is by understanding the language that God uses in them. God uses symbols to communicate to us. In the Word we see many people having dreams and visions with symbols in them. Symbol: something used to represent something else. God uses symbols because it’s all about relationship!

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing.” Proverbs 25:2 (AMPC) God doesn’t hide things from us. He hides things for us. He is like a parent that places a gift under the Christmas tree. The child inspects the gift to see how heavy it is because that might tell him what is in it. He feels along the edges to see what kind of container it is in, then shakes it and listens to the sound it makes. This exciting process of exploration is uniting the child with the parent. Likewise, God conceals the matter to let us experience the excitement of discovery. As we search it out, our relationship with God gets deeper and our character, wisdom, and understanding grow. We become more powerful and more anointed. One of the most powerful ways to become supernatural is by searching out a matter. Glory comes – literal, tangible manifestations of glory. God, in His wisdom, uses symbols to tantalize and draw us in, grow us up, and increase our glory as we search out the treasure He has hidden for us.

Pharaoh dreamed about seven fat cows in the Nile being eaten up by seven lean cows, and seven ripe ears of corn being eaten by seven blighted ears. When Joseph came to interpret that dream, he said that those symbols represented time. The seven fat cows and the seven ripe ears of corn represented seven years of plenty that Egypt would experience. The seven lean ears and seven ravaged cows represented seven years of famine that would eat up all of the resources from the seven years of plenty.

It’s the same with Pharaoh’s cup-bearer and the baker. They both had dreams and symbols that represented time while in prison with Joseph. The cup-bearer dreamed that there were three vines full of grapes that he squeezed into Pharaoh’s cup. Joseph said the symbols of the branches represented time and that in three days, Pharaoh would lift up his head and reinstate him to his position. The baker dreamed of three baskets full of baked goods that the birds were eating. Joseph told him the baskets in his dream also represented three days. He said that Pharaoh would also lift his head; not to reinstate him, but to hang him on the gallows. Both of those dreams came to pass!

I also had a dream while in prison with symbols that represented time. This prophetic dream told me how much time I would spend in prison. I was sentenced to 151 months, which is almost 13 years. Three nights after my sentencing, I had a dream that I was in a casino and I had two strange looking tokens. I took them out of my pocket, put them into a video game, and went to grab another one. When I pulled it out, it was a quarter instead of a token. It jumped from my hand as I brought it from my pocket. I had to retrieve it to put it in the machine. When I used those three items, I won back $151.00. Using Joseph’s dreams as a model, God began to show me what those different symbols meant. “The first two weird looking tokens,” He said, “will be the first two years you spent in the facility you’re in now.” I had spent two years, almost to the day, in that facility in a very small room with a glass wall where policemen stared at me all day long.. That was a hard time for me. I needed to know when I was going to get out of there. When I had that dream, I was really glad to hear that my two years were almost up. It gave me hope.

Then He said, “The quarter that you pulled out of your pocket is the next symbol that represents time. When you pulled it out of your pocket you had to retrieve it. That means that you will ‘go away’ to prison and you will do ‘a quarter’ of the time you were sentenced to; which, with good time factored in was approximately three years. And that’s exactly what happened. I had been transferred from the 1st facility and went to another prison. On my second year there I won my appeal case! Seven years were taken off of my sentence and so I would end up doing five years total. I did one more year in prison after that and was released. So, I served just five years of the original sentence. You see, the dream with the symbols representing time came to pass exactly as God said it would: two years in the first, three years in the second. God is going to use symbols to speak to you in your dreams and visions too.

We will be discussing more about symbols next week! This is good stuff, so don’t miss it! Big Love, Katie

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  • Katherine Babcock

    Thank you.

  • Carole Snyder

    Wow! That’s an amazing dream & testimoney!
    I just had a dream 2 nights ago…I only saw this:
    358 quarters
    358 1/4
    Please tell me if the Lord reveals anything to you, about this for me.
    Thank you, Carole

  • Lindi

    Love this. I bought the Joseph movie yesterday. ☺

  • Denise Moleveld

    Truely appreciate this Word. I had a dream of my estranged daughter whom I dearly miss and in the dream her face was darker in colour, I believe it’s a cluster of welts(hives) that she has on her cheek and she was smoking a cigarette. Her family i.e. two kids whom I have not met yet cos I am not allowed was present and her partner whom I do not get on with sat a distance away with his left side facing me. I asked her when the youngest was born and what her name was she looked towards him and said she is not telling me. I believe this dream means that what I predicted is coming true. She is in a psychologically abusive relationship. I need to be with her find the finances. Do you think I am right?

    • Robert Souza

      Denise so sorry to hear about your daughter and the fact that you have not been able to see the kids to referred to. As for the dream has God given you any confirmations on it, perhaps a Word from Scripture? Blessings, Robert

  • Diane

    Hi Katie, I bless God for using you. Great message. My son us a dreamer and is in prison.
    His issue is mental illness. I gonna send this to him. It may encourage him.
    Thank you.

  • Dinna

    I had a dream I don’t understand. first I was in house see a snake run outside have 5-6 snakes on head that run head one by one. They are heavy on head then lighter as they all leave Then I look ahead and two huge alligators walking away.. The snake in house was in the house with husband and two children when ran out. What does it mean

  • Christina Sansi

    In my dream there were poisoned dead rats by my front gate (I have been trying to trap and poison rats under my house) that I was going to use a shovel to scoop up, but there was also a skunk, with an unusually cute face that had eaten the poison and was looking at me mournfully. I have seen this same skunk in a dream a long time ago. I like skunks actually as I live in the country and skunks are helpful critters if you don’t get sprayed. I have looked up any meaning of skunks with no success. Does anybody have a thought?