Drama from the Trauma

Lesson 6

Last week we were running for the plane. I had just given cash to two young attendants to push us through the airport, literally from one end to the other, and it’s getting a little crazy. We are running, taking elevators, monorails, and then running again, (I mean the young guys pushing us are running, the nurse is running, we are hanging on for dear life, and I’m trying not to pass out from the pain).

The terminal is packed, and I was yelling, in my most Christ-like manner, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but GET OUT OF THE WAY!” People are parting like it’s the Red Sea. On top of this I could feel every little divot in the floor. Every one of them felt like we were hitting speed bumps, so it sounded like, click, click, click, bam, UGH! Click, click, click, bam, UGH!

I looked up, and noticed we had picked up hitch hikers. Seriously. I was clearing the way so effectively that people were falling in behind us. Then, they started shouting “You heard the lady, Move it!” Lord forgive me, but all I could think about was the pain in my body, and making it to the plane, and make it we did.

I kept saying, “Thank you Jesus!” over and over. I thanked the young men for running us through the airport and boarded the plane. I am so thankful that my hubby made sure we were in first class. If you are going to melt down, it helps to do it in first class. Remember the speed bumps? I wasn’t the only one hitting them. I was not the only injured party here, and bless her, nurse Susan is doing her absolute best to help both of us, but my companion could not take the pain one more second. We asked her to move one too many times. Nice seats or not, she was not having ANY of it ANY longer. The next thing I know it’s like 9/11 and the airport is about to go into lock down!

My companion begins to whimper, then she begins to cry, and when the wailing began, all the stewards began to make their way to the front of the plane. Screams begin to pierce the air. I looked up to see the pilot jump up to lock the door, and begin the post 9/11 security protocols. No kidding. There was an Arabic man sitting near me who stood and held his hands out to show he was in no way involved. The screams persisted.

Nurse Susan jumped in and stood right in front of my companion, and I think this must be a medical trick or something, but the next time the woman opened her mouth to cry, Susan popped a pill into it, and gave her a drink of water. Finally, the security alert was over, and normalcy began to come back to the plane. I let out my breath in a silent cry (I did not want another 9/11 type event to begin, and possibly be removed from the plane), and just sort of crumpled into the wall. When I felt the plane take off I let myself cry out loud just a little, still being careful not to show just how much pain I was in, but Nurse Susan must have given me something for the pain, because I still can’t remember everything that well. One minute the nice steward is asking, “Chicken, or beef?” and then I am face down in my plate of cold chicken. Attractive…very attractive.

We landed in Phoenix, and all I could think was, “Thank God that is over and we made it home.” The adrenaline that was keeping me in one piece began to subside. I know many of you can relate. It is that moment when you realize if the next person you meet is nice, or kind, or caring, you will lose your edge and fall apart. I honestly have no idea how Jesus did it. I have no idea how he went through all He did, and still loved us. When we got into the car, I looked at my staff member and we both just lost it. She is a very fair skinned person, and she was literally turning black. She had cuts and swelling, but the discoloration seemed to make it real. We would both spend the next few days seeing doctors, getting MRI’s, and jumping through all the medical hoops accidents require. It didn’t take me long to realize the aftermath was damaging me nearly as much as the accident itself!

After the umpteenth pain pill that came up causing more pain from vomiting, and the umpteenth time recounting the trauma, I cried out to the Lord. Jesus had already done so much, and there were so many tangible miracles, that I knew this was not His plan. Every time we would ride the wave of the drama from the trauma, the trauma went deeper into our souls. Soon it would be entrenched. I had to find a way to let go of the drama, get rid of the trauma and be healed completely. Pain can motivate us can’t it? It can cause us to go deeper into the pain, or bring us closer to Jesus. By God’s grace, I choose Jesus.

Next week we will begin to unpeel the layers of pain, remove the drama from the trauma, and I will show you how God redeemed this time for me.
Till then…Big Love…KS

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  • Janet Olwage

    A wonderful human account of trauma, and then seeing the light of Jesus….AND that it is never His will for you to be in this position.

  • Terri

    I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and seizures. I have fear and anxiety because of the meds and seizures. They are both horrible. Jesus deliver me. Help me and remove the trauma.

  • Nancy Sauro

    Oh precious Jesus, what was the accident that happened that left you in so much pain and what were you doing flying after an accident? Did I miss a previous story?

    • Robert Souza

      Yes just a couple of prior blog post 🙂

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