Don’t Have to Live Like that Anymore!

I had been in spiritual fights since April; fighting demons from land that was formerly a plantation, now a new home development, having a spiritual attachment since November 2012 I knew nothing about, and then learning from your Youtube videos about the leviathan and legion spirits having legal rights because of wounds in our souls. I have been watching, listening, praying with and meditating on these videos since Saturday July 13, 2019 and I am totally free from EVERYTHING the enemy has come after me with. I didn’t even know all of everything until I watched your videos but to God be the glory! He who the Son sets free is free indeed. Also, I have been believing God for financial increase and have yet to see what it is I need but GUESS WHAT? During my sleep on July 16, 2019 I had a dream that I vaguely remember but the dream ended with a yellow banner with black writing flashing across the bottom of my dream like a news flash saying “you no longer have to be concerned about those things because I have already taken care of them for you!” How cool is that and I had not yet even watched the Miracles In Your Sleep video yet. I thank God. I have been working with God on my deliverance from WHATEVER since 1995 but I have to say that your ministry has helped get all the rest of the junk out and with understanding, so I don’t ever have to live like that anymore! I have DUNAMIS POWER on the inside of me working in every area of my life. Thank you Katie!- N.D.

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