Lesson 10

Robert Henderson and my friend, Doug Addison, both teach on the courts of heaven. Check out their awesome teachings. I had heard a lot of people talking about the courts, but I hadn’t looked into it. I thought, “I’ve got my thing, and they have their thing.” But, God began to show me how you have to take idols to court to deal with them.

There is a story in Acts 19 where Paul was residing and preaching in Ephesus, and a silversmith named Demetrius made shrines of the goddess Artemis (Diana), that brought in no small income from his craft. Paul began preaching about how idols are not really gods, that they’re made with men’s hands, disrupting the whole scam they had going on. Demetrius gathered all of his fellow tradesmen and stirred them up against Paul, saying that there was danger as their trade may totally be discredited, and so would the temple of the great goddess Artemis. Then they were all filled with rage and began to shout, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” The whole town got into an uproar, they went to a huge auditorium, and continued to shout for two hours, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” (It’s hard to get modern day Christians to shout for 20 seconds, but these idol worshiping people shouted for two hours!)

You see, that’s what idols are doing; they are rioting in your life! They are shouting in your ears, “You’ve got to have this gadget, it’s going to make your life better, make you feel better, and look better. You’ve got to get this thing now!” they’re shouting. They’re rioting in your life. They’re driving you to spend your energy, money, time, and thoughts on them. They won’t shut up; demons never get tired. Chat, chat, chit, chitter chatter, putting this and that thought in your mind. “Now you are hungry; now you want some more food.” I just ate, but now I want something sweet, now I want something salty.

Idol worshippers all had this in common, they always brought food, dedicated, and sacrificed it to an idol. Then, they ate it as part of becoming one with that idol. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10, not to partner and be in fellowship with diabolical spirits, by eating at their feasts. Have demons been driving you to your food idol? Are you partnering and fellowshipping with a diabolical spirit, by eating at their feasts?

I lived this; I was possessed by food. Once you break the cycle, you’re going to lose weight supernaturally, just like that! Now, I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t crave more food when I’ve finished eating; I’m satisfied. I don’t have to struggle anymore, or have a demon making me fat. If you get rid of idols, you’re going to have a breakthrough.

Back to Ephesus. Several people tried to get the crowd to calm down, with no success. Finally they brought in the town clerk, and he was able to calm them down. Where is the town clerk from? He’s from the court! He says this in Acts 19:38 (AMPC) “Now then, if Demetrius and his fellow tradesmen who are with him, have a grievance against anyone, the courts are open and the pro counsels are available; let them bring charges against one another legally.” He was saying, “Look, the courts are open. You can’t continue to riot. You have to shut up, and do your business legally, in the court.”

You may not realize that those idols (demon gods) have been going up into the courts that are in the heavens, and have been bringing all kinds of evidence against you. “They eat this. They shop all the time. They waste their money on gadgets. They are a shoe fanatic, blah, blah, blah…” They have a list – a stack of evidence against you!

The Lord showed me an office in the second heaven, and it was full of paperwork in boxes. There were file cabinets that had files just pouring out. I asked, “What’s that, God?” He told me, “That’s the evidence room with all the evidence that’s against you.”

You see, Satan roams back and forth on the earth looking for evidence. He’s called the accuser of the brethren. Where are accusations made? In a court. Now, the enemy has been going to court against you. But when there’s a court case between two people, whoever doesn’t show up, loses. You haven’t been showing up, and you’ve been losing. I ought to know; I have been in lots of courts. I went to prison when I was sentenced in a court. Before I went to that court, and got sentenced, I had been called to many court cases, and I never showed up. So, I automatically had many warrants out for my arrest. Whoever doesn’t show up, loses.

I want to prove to you that you need to go into the courts of heaven, but you also need to have your soul healed. I will go into that in depth next time. You will need to check it out!

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