Doctors Calling it a Miracle

I left a prayer request back in May after the 21st for my grandson Trent who had a brain bleed. Trent spent 19 days in the hospital May 21-June 9th and walked out of the hospital under his own power. Aug. 12th the doctors “cleared” him for normal activities as the CT scan was normal. Trent’s own pediatrician said “there was no reason for him to be alive” when he left the first hospital life-flighted on 5/21 to Sacred Heart PICU in Spokane, WA. Of course we know the reason. The prayer I prayed by the Spirit of God was; “Trent, you will live and not die and proclaim the works of God”. 5 of my grandchildren were also here praying and laying hands on him. We prayed what we knew and asked you all to pray also. Many, many people in our small town prayed for Trent. The doctors are calling it a miracle. PRAISE GOD!!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!! Thank you Jesus for Healing Trent!!! It is so awesome to have ministries and people available to pray over people in need at any given time. Thank you!!! Blessings! S.H.

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