Do you wonder if God really has a plan for your life?

Do you wonder if God really has a plan for your life? 
by Craig Collier

There I was standing, looking down from the balcony of a church I used to attend in San Diego.  I felt confused, didn’t know how I got there, or why there wasn’t anyone else in the church with me.  And I knew I hadn’t been in this Church in a while, as I had been attending another church.  But, there I was, looking down at the floor of the empty church. There were no chairs, or anyone else there with me. I could hear music – loud music!  All I wanted to do was go downstairs and dance. I no longer cared how I got there or why I was alone. I just wanted to dance and praise Jesus.

As I was dancing, I looked up to the ceiling, and the next thing I knew, I was laying in a bed.  I was trying to process what was happening. I noticed that the pastor from that church, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, was standing next to me. Then I realized that I was in a hospital room. The pastor explained to me that I had tried to kill myself, and had been in a coma.  During that time, my heart had stopped and needed to be jump started again.  I had been on kidney dialysis, had a blood transfusion, had severe nerve damage, along with many other treatments, while in the coma.  The doctors didn’t know what my state would be if or when I woke up.  Would I be able to walk, talk, or live a normal life again?

During my stay in the hospital, I really wanted to get back into reading the Word of God, but I had no clue where my things were.  I called my ex-wife and left a voicemail asking if someone could get my Bible or give me another one.  Within minutes of leaving the message, a friend of mine walked into my room to share how his family had been praying for me and felt led to bring a Bible to me. Then my friend proceeded to share Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) with me:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” 

Within minutes of his leaving, my ex-wife called me back and explained that I didn’t have a Bible anymore. They had brought it to me in the hospital earlier, and I had asked my roommate to rip it up! Wow! I had absolutely no recollection of that.

This event happened over ten years ago, and this testimony is just a small snapshot of what God has done. I am not sharing all the material things I lost, or the trials I walked through, but God has brought me a long way since then.  I still carry the above verse in my heart every day, and now I work for a ministry who’s guiding scripture is Jeremiah 29:11! I can tell you from personal experience just how good our God is, and how deep His love is for us. Today, I know and feel that love, and live my life for Him.  God does have a plan for us and it’s not for harm, but for good.

So, remember to never give up, even if you can’t see a way out because God has a plan just for you.

Are you going through a trial that has tested you to your limit of endurance?

If you are considering something drastic (like I did),  or going through a hard time, feel alone, or need to talk to someone please contact the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or you can talk to them online at and remember my testimony!

I’m so grateful today, that my plan failed, because God’s was much better.

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  • lndjnsjns

    It seems like most of Katie’s team, if not all, have walked through Isaiah 43 v 2- 3, preparing them for ministry. Altho’ it has come late I pray that my experiences will equip me and that God has a plan for my life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jean

    God has been so good to bring just right people to work on our team. Everyone has a story, and that gives us the compassion we need to minister to hurting people!