Do you need a sense of inner peace?

Receiving a Double Anointing of Peace
by Jean Mulquin

“Blessed (enjoying enviable happiness, spiritually prosperous—with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions) are the makers and maintainers of peace, for they shall be called the sons of God!” Matthew 5:9 (AMP)

One afternoon in January of 2008, as I was soaking and working on soul healing, I cleared my mind so my focus could be on God alone. I began to feel as if I was floating in warm water, while looking up at the clouds. The clouds began to form into shapes: a dove, a book, and then shapes of people or angels passing back and forth.

Suddenly, I saw a hand reach toward me, and I saw an intricate pattern of a dove resting on some olive branches. I heard in my mind, “Everything has a pattern.” Then my vision expanded and I saw that there were ceramic tiles with that pattern on them and they went up, down, and across forever.

I asked God, “Why are there so many tiles Lord?” I felt Him say, “I am giving you a double anointing of peace (a dove and olive branches both represent peace)…enough to pass along to everyone you touch forever!” I began to cry and Romans 16:20 (AMP) came into my mind, “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”  I began to thank Father God for peace in the times of war and battle, when I needed it so much! I got my pen and drew a picture of what one of the tiles looked like so I would not forget this promise from God.

Katie called me the other day and we talked about the constant attack of the enemy that did not seem to let up. Suddenly, I was reminded of that vision and I asked Katie if she remembered it. She told me that she did and we both began to recall the details of it. She even remembered that the dove and olive branch were on subway tiles. We prayed together about the most recent attack and both felt His peace come over us and the situation. I was so happy that I had journaled this experience and had been able to share it with my friend ten years before!

Is your mind peaceful or is it full of “chatter”?

Can you rest in quiet and silence, or are you constantly restless and troubled?

Do you love your life, or are you constantly dissatisfied with your surroundings and situation?

If the answers above show that you need to operate in peace, try getting quiet and asking God to give you the anointing of peace that He gave to me. Let us hear your testimony below!

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  • Nancy Sauro

    Rushing out of the front door after I tied my decorative scarf around the neck of my coat, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t see my scarf as I excited the car to go to my full physical at the doctor’s office. Upon returning to my home I parked the car in the garage and entered through my garage. Remembering I had to take the garbage out, I collected it all through my home, and exited through the front door. Wow! What a surprise! To my amazement there was my decorative scarf still tied in the knot right on the walkway! Lord, I said, “what is the meaning of this?” So many questions ran through my mind, mainly, “how can a scarf be removed from my neck with the knot in place?”…I felt like the Lord was indicating to me that He would remove the garbage and things in our lives (even those things that are tied in knots, and we are not even aware of)…It left me in such thankfulness and wonder! Yes, a sign and a wonder!

  • Michael

    Please pray for me that I may have peace. I suffer from chronic severe pain every single day from numerous back, disc, joint problems as well as stress from living on a low fixed income and having debt because I had to fix the only old car that have where everything went wrong at once. Grace and peace to all.

  • Ren

    I have been asking God to reveal himself to me. I am having difficulty focusing on the inner peace that God wants me to be in. I feel the pain and noise that is going on in my head. I am believing for a breakthrough this year from anxiety issues. I love your teachings on the soul wounds, they have helped me to better focus on my daily walk with God and I am believing and continue to press through for breakthrough. Thank you for your making work for the kingdom of God.