Discovering Dunamis Power

I just want to share my testimony of many healings after discovering Dunamis Power from God and Katie Souza’s teachings. I discovered Katie’s teachings on Healing your Soul about 2 years ago. Since then, I have been watching her videos and listening to her teaching tapes and following her suggestions on soaking my soul in the Word and praying for the Glory Light to heal my soul. Since that time, I have been healed of cancer, lactose intolerance, chronic lower back pain and lately the spirit of fear. I have seen the power of God heal my soul and I enjoy watching my body heal as a result of my soul being healed. God is so exciting. He gives me so much hope and His Power to heal and perform miracles is a benefit of spending time with Him.”  -Tara

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  • brigid feydo

    Katie I have seen the openings in the sky. Only told one person about them thinking will think I’m nuts. A golden circle appears, they are there every day, this time it opened and I saw God’s Angels fly out. The second time it opened and I saw men walking upward one carrying a child. The last time only one angel flew out. I struggled with my purpose and one day in church God told me I was to stop the abuse in my family I have a great Dr. And at the time he said there had to be a pattern to the abuse. He said just going back to my mother would not be enough and he showed me your discs. God also wants me to write a book on my rebirth. I’m a yoga teacher and reiki three masters o I know how to meditate and I’m praying by listening to your CD I will be able to go back in time and stop the abuse.
    Thank you

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