Devotional Reflections
by Katie Souza
(Taken from Katie’s Journal written in Prison 2001)

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 (NASB)

I called mom and prayed over her. I asked God for an answer. For the first time, Mom said my prayers were anointed! I bawled on the phone. My mother is more precious to me than silver or gold.

I worked, then stayed up and did not go back to sleep! I want to change that habit of going back to bed, so God will bless me. The enemy uses that bad habit to attack me. No more!! He used it to get us failed on our room. We are favored by God, so the enemy will lose in the name of Jesus!

I was attacked by demons in my sleep. I was in a house and a demon took something out my hand, they were trying to steal my blessings. Then a swarm of them attacked me. They were invisible, but they were pulling my hair.  When I sat up, I could feel the hits on my body, especially on my breast. I put the armor of God on!

I worked, stayed up, and walked two miles. Then I called mom again, she said that after we talked Saturday, she wanted to take a walk to look for mushrooms whenever we are together. Then a half hour later, she got the card I sent about the mushroom bonanza! She told me the mushroom bonanza was like the blessings God has for us that are coming our way! Just like God told me out on the track, I am blessed! Wow…confirmation.

I remember when I was a kid, that we walked and walked but didn’t see any mushrooms. However, when we sat down to rest (resting in God), all of a sudden, mushrooms just seemed to appear. Like “poof” and they manifested instantly all around us, hundreds and hundreds of them. That is how the blessing will come! Also, mom said she remembered that as I would gather mushrooms, I would stop, run to her wide-eyed and full of joy and say, “Look mommy it’s a bonanza!” Then I would go back and pick more. That’s how it’s going to be with the blessings and the joy. What I have asked for is coming!

Today, a Spanish lady was at church when Michelle and I went to practice. She was praying, and God told me to go over and pray for her. I saw a cloud over her head and I prayed it off. When I saw her later, she was skipping and smiling.

Hulda (my cellie), who is a tall, thin Scandinavian woman, does strange things all the time. While brushing her teeth (and getting lots of foam in her mouth), she squats down, makes a weird noise and then jumps up and down over and over again.  She looks bizarre, with her long legs straight out to the side while squatting, then popping up and wagging her head back and forth, while foam spills from her mouth. Today, when I was praying for her. I laid hands on her and saw a Jack-in- the-box spring out of her head! It was trying to go back down, but the name of Jesus brought it out again. Then a hand came and ripped it loose and took it away. Hulda said she felt way better, she was hot to the touch, and she even looked better. I was hot and sweaty too. About 20 minutes later, I was standing by the sink and I smelled the strongest sulfur smell. I asked who farted, but nobody did. Then it went away. Then suddenly, the smell came back, Hulda jumped down from the bed and said she smelled it too! I know it was her demon leaving. Then, it all made sense that she was constantly acting the fool because of that demon. She had just been looking in the mirror saying she loved all the stupid faces she could make!

I worked, went to 12:30 prayer, walked 5 miles, got my new shoes, and attended Spanish church. Another breakthrough for Hulda, she talked smack last night about “grumpy old toads”. In the morning when confronted, she snickered. Then she had Godly sorrow (which leads to repentance), and recalled that her boyfriend used to do the same thing to her (demonic)! Praise God she wants to get rid of it.

I felt the Hulda demons were hiding in Angelina. Then one hour later Lovie told me the same thing. Then two hours later Hulda said, “Angelina doesn’t love anymore, like I didn’t before I got delivered!” Lovie told Angelina that she needs to go to church on Sunday for the anointing!

Are there memories you have from your past life that show you the love and/or blessings of God?

Have you ever known anyone that did strange or bizarre things (while not under the influence of drugs or alcohol)?

Have you asked yourself if there is some way you might be able to help them gain freedom from these actions?

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