Demonic has Less Dominion Over Us

I was reading Katie’s partner letter today, and she was talking about how God has been impressing her with amping up Healing School. I felt compelled to share our story. My husband and I started watching Katie on TV back in 2010. My husband suffers with PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder from childhood, he was sexually molested by his step-father. We have been married 33 years this year, and I am certain without Katie’s ministry my husband would probably be dead right now. He set himself on fire in 1996 in a drug-induced psychotic episode and suffered 3rd-degree burns over 1/3 of his body. He survived, and we are both here because of the grace of God, and learning how to heal our soul wounds. There are many wonderful and astonishing ministries out there today, but Katie’s ministry is truly a life-saving ministry. We have many of her ministry teachings and have been taking soul wound healing very seriously in our lives. Over the years we have seen astonishing growth and miracles in our lives as we have prayed with Katie in her programs over and over and over again. We have seen many deep-seated wounds in our lives healed, and great victories over demonic kings and powers that formerly ruled our lives. Right now, we are standing and believing God for one of the greatest breakthroughs in our lives. As we become more and more excellent of soul, the demonic has less and less dominion over us. We cannot thank God for Katie’s ministry enough!! There is not a shadow of doubt but that God has taught Katie great spiritual keys and uses her mightily to help thousands. We are hoping to be strong partners with her ministry soon.  We have referred many people we know to Katie’s ministry with wonderful results. God bless and much thanks. Please let Katie know how much we appreciate her and how God has been using her. M.&L.P

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