Delivered Completely From Addiction

God is good and his mercy is everlasting. I just wanted to say that your book (The Key To Your Expected End) Changed my LIFE. Through the power of the Holy Spirit brought by your obedience to the Lord. Jesus was able to reach me. Let me share a little about my history. I was always sensitive to the Holy Spirit as a child and young person, raised in a home with parents who seemed very stable at least in appearance until I was about 11 years old and possibly just because I then became aware of more mature, worldly things. I started to realize that my home was not the same as other kids. My parents were addicts. My father functioned and provided a income yet the activity was odd. Things progressed as they always do and over some time became out of hand. I was abused on so many levels I can not relive the events as of now because this is a praise report and God is going to turn these things to good for His Glory. Now let me brag on the LORD… He used your book to make applicable old testament scripture to my life and events today. Realizing God is the same yesterday today and forever and these concepts of time are only human bound understandings; bridged the gap between old testament stories, the principles, nature of our Lord and My life today. This was a huge chasm. I am so grateful for the difference in me I am a new creature in Christ. I too developed addictions to Drugs, alcohol, sex and every ungodly things. Landing me in captivity not only the bondage of using intravenously for 20 years on and off but also incarcerated, however each time I would merely abstain from using yet always battled the desire to use. After reading your book, studying the Word and seeking the Lord. I have been delivered completely from addiction. I for the first time in my adult life DO NOT WANT TO BE HIGH. Old things have passed away. Thank you Jesus. Katie I want to personally thank you for your sacrifice involved in bringing this ministry to life. I am now an open and willing vessel still seeking the Lord as to my Ministry. I know the thoughts he has for me they are GOOD and not evil. I want to become involved in any way He ordains I am now 35 and in good health, I have so much to be thankful for and He is Blessing me. Communicating with you I feel the same way you did when you were about to pitch your book to Joyce Meyer. (side note please thank her for the devotional Ending Your Day Right) I am currently reading it as if it were a book with chapters I will finish it in just a few weeks. Her wisdom is amazing. In service to the Lord -J.S.

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