Deliverance from addictions and occult

My name is Lilly Harvey, I am 59 years old and five years ago I was in bondage, defeated by drugs and a physical condition. I had battled addiction for 10 years. God took me captive and set me down at a place called Fresh Start Ministries, a seven month faith-based, drug, and alcohol rehabilitation center in Winnsboro Louisiana. That’s where I was introduced to your books Expected End and Soul Decree. while reading your books I started understanding the revelation of God. I started doing the decrees every night before I went to bed. After about 2 1/2 weeks of doing this nightly, God woke me up! He gave me a memory from my childhood, it was Susie. She was my make- pretend friend who I started seeing at the age of four. I had some teenage neighbors that were dabbling in occult activities such as Ouija boards and spirit writing. That’s about the time Susie entered my life. Susie like doing destructive things and would convince me to join her, as a four-year-old I would write on walls, tear up things, all directed by Susie. As I woke up that night God spoke to me and told me to look into Susie‘s face. I had seen her as a very small child with bowl-cut blonde hair. I never recall looking at her face. At that moment when instructed by God, I saw Susie for who she was… A demon!. At that moment when instructed by God, I saw Susie for who she was… A demon!. She had control my emotions to make me feel that doing bad was excitement
. She had been controlling my life for years. Although she was no longer revealing herself to me after I became an adult She was still manipulating me. I rebuked her and close the gate on my soul to the trauma that night, when I woke up the next morning, for the first time in my life I feel free. I No longer struggle with addiction, I finished the seven-month program and now I have been a staff member and employed there for four years. I do chapels on your teachings, and we have Soul Decrees readily available for our clients. I now have my own ministry called Millie Mattered after Losing my 28-year-old daughter to overdose God commission me to use her name to help get people out of bondage and bring people to his kingdom. Katie thank you for your obedience to the Lord, I always say in my ministry if I say one person it is all worth it. Well, I am your one person, and it is so worth it!


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