The Debt We Can Never Repay

Lesson 17

Many of you know about my past; that years ago I was out on the streets wreaking havoc. But even in my mess, Holy Spirit pursued me and drew me.

New Mexico 1998 – I had been driving around for almost 24 hours desperately looking for a place to cook my dope. It was Christmas, it was cold, and I had no place to go. Finally, a woman told me to come out to her place because she had an old single-wide trailer I could use. Her place just happened to be set up in the barn of an abandoned insane asylum! Talk about creepy… There was a devil with horns depicted on the gate as you entered the property. Later, we even found abandoned records that told gruesome tales of the things that were done to patients that were unfortunate enough to have been housed there!

So, I went to work to get the trailer cleaned up so I could cook my next batch of dope. As my small batch of meth crystalized, I thought it looked clean and icy just like snow. I found an abandoned string of Christmas lights so I hung them up on the windows and I threw a clean blanket on the old couch. Then, I laid down to rest and watched those lights twinkle. They brought back all the wonderful holidays I had experienced when I was growing up in Illinois, before I moved to Hawaii with my dad and things began to go south for me. Even in the horrible state I was in, I sensed a sweet presence surrounding me. Little did I know that in just over a month, I would be arrested by the Federal Marshals and God would change my world forever.

Perhaps you are in a dark place this year. You might be struggling with addiction, going through a divorce, or missing your kid that is out on the streets like I was. Whatever you are going through, Holy Spirit is going through it with you. He is calling your name, pursuing you, and drawing you to Himself. No matter how dark you feel your current existence is, He wants to heal you and your family deep in your souls just as He has healed me. He is no respecter of persons; He loves you the same as He loves me.

At this time of year, I always thank God for sending his only Son, Jesus Christ, as a fully human, helpless infant. I am in awe of the price Jesus paid to bring me back into right relationship with God, the Father. Every twinkling Christmas light reminds me of the debt I will never be able to repay.

When I think of how my Christmas will be this year with my hubby, the puppies, friends, and family gathered around my beautiful Christmas tree, eating wonderful organic turkey and fixings, I know how good God has been to me and how truly blessed I am! I want that same thing for all of you. So, don’t be afraid to reach out and trust God with your future. Give Him control of your soul, your addiction, your spouse, and your children. He won’t let you down…I promise!

Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

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  • Kathy Stayer

    Katie, May the favor of God be always upon you. May your ministry reach more lost souls than ever before in the coming new year. I decree and declare that you are operating under an open heaven, and the blessings of God will pour out on you as never before!

  • Chuck Johnson

    Tomorrow my wife and I travel south to Monroe, La to gather together for Christmas. My daughter texted two days ago to say she was sick in Katy TX and she, my gandson and son-in-law would not be attending due to her flu symptoms. Having listened to Katy’s presentations on spiritual warfare and using Jesus’ healing light, I immediately started soaking her in His light. Last night my bride told me my daughter had texted her to say she was well and joining us. THANK YOU JESUS, you are so AWSOME. Thank you Kate, you are too.

  • Neisha Collier

    Thank you and Please Pray For Me And My Family.. My son Brandon was wrongfully convicted of Murder and My 18 Year old Daughter was Shot And is partially paralyzed
    Please pray for our family.. Also with my Drug Addiction… Thank you and May God Bless You….

  • Lynn Malcom

    Dear Katie
    I absolutely sfore you
    What a testimony and what
    a ministry. WOW
    I have been so blessed by your teachings and believe in excellency of soul and so.much more. ..I spent 12 yrs in prison on false allegations and used my time there to bring Jesus to the woman there
    The truth came out in 1996 and i was released in 1999 and have been out over 15 yrs. I AM A MIRACLE ! Walking…talking …..bteathing MIRACLE if the love of God……I pray someday for the financial freedom to come and meet you personally……Please pray for a total healing in my heart. …lungs…bladder and joints. …….I had a car accident from hell so I sm broken….but Jesus is Lord
    God bless you and yours. …..
    I love you tons

  • Ulrike Kühnel

    I love you so much, Katie, even if I live in Germany and don’t know you personally. It is so encouraging and faith building what you share – besides so much fun how you tell things. Please never stop your ministry as healing of our souls is just what the world needs now.

    Besides: My husband and I are listening to your soaking sessions all night since about three months while we are sleeping and I can feel a difference. Since 16 years I was suffering from chronical migraine headage and was very stressed. I tried everything, nothing worked out. Now I feel much more relaxed which has a strong influence on my health and head. Thank you very much for being what you are.

  • Peggy Ronk

    Thank you, Katie, for this message. It encourages me more than you will ever know. May your message of hope reach a soul this very day, and bring them home. Love you Katie Souza!! Blessings on your Christmas and New Year!!

  • Director Denise Cully, Jesus Prayer Ministry

    I am so blessed to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Has changed me so much, Glory Hallelujah. You are a blessing Katie, thank you for sharing your life, past and now.
    We love you inside and outside the walls, but are set free for sure in Jesus. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

  • MaryLynne Schaller

    Thank you for all you do! I am looking forward to Jan 26th I am taking my 19 year old daughter Rhea. I am divorced and had been backslid for many years. Thank you for bringing me back to the cross! Your insight and relationship with God have been inspiring me to move spiritually. I have been working here in Southern Nevada in casinos since 1977. I really do battle daily and you have come into my life to encourage me with much hope! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I am starting a 40 day fast on Jan 1st. I’ll be 26 days in when I see you ! I am praying God will renew my purpose and vision.
    Much love!!!
    MaryLynne Schaller

  • Tammy

    Thank you, I needed the encouragement. God bless you.

  • Mary L Beard

    Hi Katie, I thank God for your ministry! I first heard about you on Daystar while being interviewed by Marcus & Joni Lamb. I have ordered some of your teachings & looking forward to getting them. Thank you for allowing God to use you for his purpose & for his Glory! Be blessed in 2018!

  • Elona Motshidisi Makgalane

    Comment…Thank you ma’am you are wow the God in you is amazing I’d love to partner with you More than I do with my prayers but with finances also and I trust God’s will will be done, since I listen to you am inspired to do for my God and community I trust God will help me to stop letting my life go to waste having no resources to do work. am comforted God bless you am unemployed but am always happy thanx for the messages and I believe 2018 God will raise me from ashes to beauty thank you thank so much.

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