Greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am privileged to share my testimony to the Glory of God. It was just yesterday when I watched getting De-snakified on YouTube and I was in fasting. I then went on to listen to Soaking Part 1. I felt such a presence of the Holy Ghost, the Blood of Jesus Christ cleansing every part of my soul. I then went to rest around 7. I must tell you I have been plagued by a spiritual husband for a long time. This evil creature tried it’s luck again while I was sleeping, this time I heard myself while sleeping saying to it ‘not this time buster’ then I went back to sleep. I had another dream that there was this serpent trying by all means to get to where I was, when I changed direction it would look to see where I was and pursue me, then all of a sudden something struck it so hard against the wall that it became as dead as a banana peel, then I heard a “Voice” saying the very same snake has bitten it’s owner, the color of it was very peculiar, it was red and silver stripes going horizontal around it’s body. Then another dream followed soon after with snakes again. These seemed to be from the waters, 2 of them were pulled out by a force, and I saw them coming out of my bedroom cast into the sea. I stood at the banks of the sea watching, there were people there going in and out of the water as though enjoying themselves but were not aware of what I was seeing. There was a “woman on a horse” and she said, don’t they see these snakes and how badly they will affect them? I then woke up from the dream. I have so much peace today in my soul and spirit and I know that the Lord has done a Mighty thing in my life, I also know that as I continue to pray with the woman of God Katie Souza there will be even more testimony to the Glory of God. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing my soul and giving Divine Deliverance. I bless the Lord Christ Jesus for the Ministry of Katie Souza. Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus. -J. M.

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