Lesson 14

Another symbol that might be blocking the light is a curtain. As we were getting our own souls healed and ministering to other people, I kept seeing curtains, blinds, and shades and I kept hearing the word, “curtain”. I looked up “curtain”. One of the meanings in the dictionary is, “a hanging piece of fabric used to shut out light from a window.” It’s another sin blocking the light from coming in. So what should we do when we see a curtain, a shade, or a blind? We apply the blood of Jesus to it.

Then, I put the word “curtain” in the Bible search application and got such a revelation. When Jesus shed His blood on the cross the curtain in the temple (we are now the temple) was ripped from top to bottom and removed. That curtain symbolized the separation between God and man. What is sin? Sin separates God and man. We get rid of sin with the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. We repent and forgive. So, when Jesus died on the cross, His blood ripped and removed the curtain that represents the sin that was separating God and man. When a curtain is ripped, it allows light to come in! So Jesus removed that curtain allowing light to come into the temple. When you see a curtain or drawn blinds, put the blood on them. Say, “I put the blood of Jesus’ cross on that curtain. I rip that curtain down from the midst of my temple so that light can flood into my temple and heal my wounded soul.”

A good friend told me about her dream. In jails when you go in to visit, you step into the security box, and they shut the doors behind you, in front of you, and there is no getting out until someone pushes the button. She dreamed that she was trapped in this “box” in prison. Then the box suddenly turned into a hospital and there were seven bodies lying on the floor covered with sheets. In between each body was a curtain. She was looking at all of them. Suddenly, she looked down and saw that she was wearing a hospital robe. Then, she realized the back of her robe was hanging open so she went, “Oops!” and grabbed it to close it.

Let’s unpack this dream. Those seven bodies on the floor are soul wounds – bodies, corpses. Where do corpses belong? In a tomb, which represents a soul wound. The blood of Jesus has to be applied to remove the curtains so those soul wounds can receive light. In part of the dream, a physician came in and as soon as he saw her he said, “I’m going to take care of this.” I really believe that it was Jesus that came in to put the blood on those curtains. We know this dream was about her because she was wearing the gown and she was exposed. In the next portion of the dream she said, “All of a sudden I was in this room, I was in this contraption that was just like a tanning bed.” The light! Jesus came in: Step 1 – put the blood on these curtains to remove them. Then she got confirmation by seeing herself in a ‘light booth’ where Jesus put glory and light on her. When she woke up, she felt like she had gotten healed of seven wounds. She asked me one more question, “I’m missing step three aren’t I?” I replied, “Yes. Ask Jesus if He took care of the demonic or if you still need to command them to come off in Jesus’ Name.”

Another symbol that you might see in your dreams is a fence. Sometimes God puts a hedge of protection around you; other times a fence can represent sin. Remember in Exodus 19:16-25 when the Israelites were at the foot of Mt Horeb and they were about to receive the Ten Commandments from God? Moses went up and God told him that He was to go down and give them the Ten Commandments. God wanted to get the people ready by having fences or barriers placed around the foot of His Mountain. Exodus 19:21 (AMPC) reads, “The Lord said to Moses, Go down and warn the people, lest they break through to the Lord to gaze and many of them perish.” Since God had not issued the Ten Commandments yet, the people were still in sin. If they had broken through that fence or barrier and climbed up the mountain to see God, they would have been destroyed. So, fences can represent sin.

Before I teach on applying The Glory Light of Christ, we will talk some more about fences, closed and locked doors, and bathrooms! Keep journaling those dreams…

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  • Mary Wright

    I agree that curtains are so important in dreams. And that torn curtain in the temple is the Lord’s invitation to step through to healing! Amen and Amen! Any time we see a veil or a curtain, we know that we need to be healed of a soul wound….often involving forgiveness! This is a great word!

  • Deb

    I’m in so much pain I sleep as late as I can into the day. I keep my room dark because the daytime scares me now as there is so little I can do in it but hurt.sad I know. I need healing desperately from old rollover MVA.

    • angee brown

      Deb, I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and fear. I know that Jesus’ blood is faithful to deliver you out of it. Don’t give up, Please! Press in and worship the Lord and Bless you. Pour out your soul to Him. When His children call out He answers! Psalms 91…Love you Deb. And I’m praying for you.

  • Crystelle Chapman

    This really is so interesting… I love symbolism and will certainly keep this in mind!