Court Revelation

Loved Ones, Just after Christmas, Our Lord started talking to me about Authority. He told me that I did not really understand it nor my intercessor role. He had me read several of Robert Henderson’s book on the operation of the Courts of Heaven. As I read, I saw how he wanted me to change. Also, Our Lord had me almost daily in the Throne of Grace Court. He said I needed to clean out the files and the rooms full of accusations. As I was doing this, he was busy ordering my life. Go get this and then this. I thought Our Lord was crazy when he ordered me to get extra T-Paper. I told him so and did not get it. I was getting the last items one day before everything shut down. — So, I started a new intercessor role for a solid month. — At Passover (Seder Meal), I heard Our Lord say we needed to spend more time in Praise and Thanksgiving. Since the Vision is low concerning the change, I have been learning, being enlightened, adapting, and demonstrating. Love to all, Sandra


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