Lesson 17

Now, I’d like for you to take communion as I activate. So, you may want to pause right now and go get lots of communion supplies – a big hunk of bread or some crackers and grape juice. If you don’t have those, even using water will work. God will honor your faith even in that. Communion is a power that heals our souls as we partake of all that Jesus provides to us through his death and resurrection.

Hold the juice in your hand. First, let’s repent. The Bible talks about examining ourselves before we partake of the Lord’s Supper. Let’s repent if we were offended, bothered, or bitter during the storm. Pray, “Lord Jesus, I repent that I allowed myself to get bitter, upset, emotional, depressed, afraid, critical, or judgmental because of the storm. I ask that you wash me clean with Your blood, Jesus. Use the blood that You shed on the cross to wash me clean of any sin that I was involved in during the storm. I repent if I spoke negatively about or to someone. I ask that You wash out my mouth with Your blood and that You completely forgive my sin right now, in the name of Jesus.” Meditate on that for a moment.

Jesus is so good to forgive all of our sins. It’s hard to maintain our peace and possess peace in our souls in the middle of a storm. Many times we mess up, but right now we can be cleansed of every time we lapsed, failed, or let ourselves get worked up. We’re being forgiven right now. Think about that for just a second. When we take the cup that represents His blood, it is washing away our sins. We’re just so grateful for Christ’s blood! We are being washed clean of those sins and are being nourished, refreshed, and strengthened in our soul, so that any wounds from the storm are healed. We now partake of it together, in Jesus’ name.

Now, hold up the bread that represents our Lord’s broken body. Pray with me, “Lord, because of Christ’s sacrifice, the curse has been broken, and we have eternal life. All sin has been removed from our lives. We are the righteousness of God in Christ because You were nailed to the cross, because of the beating You took, the persecution You went through, and because of the nails in Your hands and feet. Thank You, Jesus, for what You did for us on the cross. We thank You for Your body that was broken for us. We know that as we eat this, it is nourishing our bodies and our souls, and strengthening every part of us. It’s strengthening our minds, our wills, and our emotions. It’s refreshing us from the effects of the storm, healing us of all the wounds created by the storm. Our physical bodies that were under attack because of the storm, are being healed of pain, inflammation, diseases, viruses, and bacteria. We are going to be like Paul as we take this; we’re going to go to the island, and we’re going to fulfill our destiny. We are going to our region of the Gerasenes, and we will have nothing in common with the enemy. If a snake bites us, we will be unharmed. Legion will come running up to us and say, “What is in common between us? Please don’t torment me.” We will experience breakthrough and go to new levels. We’re going to pray for people and they will be healed. There will be miracles, signs, and wonders! We’re going to get the mantle that the demoniac wore when he was healed and delivered of Legion. He sat there clothed and in his right mind. Then, he went and preached the gospel in the region of the Decapolis, the 10 cities. Now, we break the body. As we eat it, we do this in remembrance of you, Jesus.”
I suggest that you get my teaching, Communion for the Soul. It teaches in depth about communion, and it includes a soaking CD that leads you through communion, including leading you through the time that Paul took communion on the ship. As you take communion with me, I lead you through getting healed of all the different aspects of how the storm has affected you – losing your possessions, or being beaten and overwhelmed by the storm. I believe it will be a huge blessing for you.

I’m really excited to share some of the other strategies I’ve learned that help to evict Legion, so don’t miss next week’s blog!

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