Commanding Breakthrough

Lesson 14

In last week’s message, I gave you decrees and activations to heal your soul and free you from the wounds controlling you. That was the beginning of the process.

Say, “Lord Jesus, I repent for thinking wrong thoughts in my mind, making wrong decisions with my will, and coming into agreement with negative, hurtful, painful emotions that came from my soul. I repent for any part of my soul being used to sin and I plead the blood over those sins right now. I break my agreement with every thought that’s not of you, every imagination, reasoning and bad choice that’s not of you. I repent of every negative emotion. I no longer receive them, in the name of Jesus. I saturate my soul with the blood of Jesus. Leviticus 17 says the blood atones for my soul. The blood is washing away the sin in my soul right now in the name of Jesus.”

We aren’t stopping there. We went down in death with Christ at the cross but now we come up to new life. (Remember the baptism?) Now here is where you come up to new life with Him at the Resurrection. You’ve probably missed this part, which explains why you haven’t had new life yet.

Next, say, “Lord, when I got baptized, I got them both. I got the blood from the cross and dunamis from the Resurrection. They’re already mine. I just need to step into the revelation. Lord, fill my soul with dunamis. It’s going to make me excellent of soul. It’s gonna heal every wound in my soul that has controlled my mind, my will and my emotions. I receive it now. Fill me up with dunamis. I pray, like Paul prayed, that I am strengthened and reinforced with mighty power, mighty power, mighty power. My inner man and my soul are being strengthened and reinforced with dunamis. I have it because of the Resurrection. Fill me now, Lord. Fill me now, Lord. Fill me now, Lord.”

Continue with, “I decree that any wound inside me that controlled my thought, my will, the choices I made, my emotions or made me feel dangerous, painful, agonizing emotions, is being healed right now in the name of Jesus.”

“I thank you, Lord. You fill everyone with your resurrection power of dunamis, that makes them excellent of soul. I’m excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul.”

Believe it because it’s really happening right now as you pray. You might not realize it but you are becoming excellent of soul. Jesus died for the wounds in your soul. He’s going to see his investment pay off in you. He bought your healing with every stripe of the whip, and with the punctures of the nails and the sword. The victory at the Resurrection came at no small price. Your victory is paid. Get what was purchased for you.

Keep repeating, “ I am excellent of soul, excellent of soul, excellent of soul.” Keep on pressing.

You’re being strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in your inner man. You’re being strengthened and reinforced. You’re being freed, you’re being freed.

Use your authority in Jesus! Command those demonic forces of depression and heaviness, anxiety, loneliness, rejection to leave in the name of Jesus. They leave in Jesus’ name.

Spirits that controlled the mind shall leave right now in Jesus’ name.

We receive the ministry of the angelic realm now. Release angelic powers to go and remove spirits from the dark kingdom and bring healing to the mind, the will and the emotions.

We thank you, God. Right now. I command freedom and breakthrough for you right now.

I urge you to use these decrees and activations. Jesus paid an extraordinary price so you can be free! Make sure he gets a return on His investment. Declare and decree!

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  • erica

    I am freeeee!!!

  • carlos solis

    Please pray for me and my daughter Lilia to renew our relationship she has a lot of anger and resentment towards me. We are homeless and was recently living out of our vehicle she is now staying with friends. I ask you to please pray we can get an apartment or a house and financial breakthrough . I have a background and we keep getting denied for a apartment. Thank You Carlos

    • Katie Souza

      We most certainly will as we know all to well what that is like. Robert and I went through the very same thing. We were finally able to purchase our first home back in 2005 and from that point on we never had to deal with that again. We pray things will work out for you guys.

  • Leslie Recavarren

    I always wondered why if I prayed and plead the blood of Jesus over a situation, the situation would continue and I would keep falling back into unforgiveness, hurt and resentment, these things kept rearing its ugly head back up and I would take two steps forward and 3 steps back. Now I finally get it is with the dunamis power that we get our healing. I am being physically attacked in my body and have been for quite some time. Today when I did these decrees and prayed I could actually feel Holy Spirit’s presence, I got those goose bumps that always tells me that he is present. I have been in the valley for several months and just couldn’t feel God’s presence and wondered if God was still in my life. Although I know cause I’ve been born again and I know we are not to go on emotions, but on what we know. He was carrying me during these last few months of trial. Thank you Katie for being obedient to God and teaching these secrets and mysteries.

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