Cleansed Bloodline

I’ve been listening to your teaching and soakers for about a year. I have most of your teachings & all of the soakers. I listen to them every night. Sometimes I listen to your teachings on Facebook at night & leave your soakers going too. Katie in stereo. I get your books so I can give them away. I use smile for amazon to give back to the ministry. I am a partner & on the mentoring also. I have had problems forgiving myself. I made a bad choice with a man in my early 20s just before I got born again. He brought the wrath of leviathan & legion in my life & family plus witchcraft. This man is dead (1999), but we had a child & now 2 grandchildren from him. The youngest of the grandchildren, Cody I have raised for 12 years. Cody, 15 is born again & speaks in tongues. I fell Feb 2017 at work & received a closed head injury. While at home recouping I saw a post from you that said, “Is leviathan kicking your butt!” This was my first knowledge of you & the awesome revelation God has given you. I was so cautious of the Nephilim virus teaching. I checked out a great teacher like Perry Stone. I was concerned I would be lead into bad teaching with my confusion, but my spirit was jumping for joy. I read the book of Noah. then came back to your teachings. While on 1/3 of my pay I found money to buy your CD’s. Bent 1 was the first one. the man I married confessed to having sex with a female spirit ect. I had found Gen 6 years after we divorced. Still the main stream churches didn’t teach any of this. I have been praying for my soul wounds to be healed for myself & Cody. I am in a better place with God/Word-Jesus/Holy Spirit than I ever have been. Cody was given a word “God has cleansed his bloodline from him forward they will serve God.” This works! Thank you!!!!!! I thank God for the seed of your Mom that we are a branch of. Love you, -B.A.

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