Choose to Believe

Lesson 14

In this series we have been talking about things we can do to cultivate an open heaven in our homes. So far we have talked about: carving out regular time with God, using our focus, being consistent in our worship, recognizing and keeping the heavens open, washing in the blood, praying in tongues, and activating our faith. What else can you do? Recognize that the Spirit of God living in you is the enabler. He is the one who will empower you to go up. Remember what John said when he ascended into Heaven? He said a voice said to him, Revelation 4:1-2 (AMPC) “…Come up here. I will show you what must take place in the future. At once I came under the [Holy] Spirit’s power, and behold, a throne stood open in Heaven, with One seated on the throne!”

Here’s another point: you can command your spirit to go up if something is blocking you. Some days you will have to contend for it. You can speak to your spirit man and command it to go up. There was a command given to John to ‘come up here’. He said, “A voice came to me and said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place…’” If you are having one of those days and you can’t quite get up, begin commanding your spirit to go up.

Sitting quietly in your chair and focusing will help you to ascend. You can focus on the black screen of your mind by choosing a place to focus on while you are waiting for the visions or to hear the voice of God. This will help keep you from being distracted. If you begin thinking about other things you might miss your opportunity. Just keep your focus by saying to yourself, “I’m going to keep on waiting like this. I’m going up. I know you are taking me up … I have a legal right to be there. I know you are going to give me wisdom and understanding. I’m believing and waiting for You to take me up.”

I remember when I first began ascending; I saw rings of light coming at me. As they came nearer they became larger, almost like I was passing through them. I said, “OK God, what is that? Am I ascending into Heaven?”
I felt Him say, “You are going through a tunnel of light.” And, when I would come back down, the same thing would happen in reverse. The further I got from them the smaller they would get. It wasn’t that they were actually getting smaller. It was just that I was backing out of the tunnel so they looked smaller. You might think, “I want to see all the big things in Heaven!” You might get to, depending on the grace on you today. But for me seeing the lights meant I was really doing it!

Once as I was looking at the back of my eyelids and didn’t know if I was in Heaven or not, I saw white lights washing over me. I opened an eye to see if there was something happening in the room. It was dark, no lights. So I closed my eye and there they were again. “What is that Lord? Am I in Heaven or not?” He said, “Yes. Where are you seated in Heaven?” I replied, “Next to Jesus!” and He said, “And where is Jesus seated?” And I said, “Next to YOU!” And He said, “And what am I?” And I thought, “God is Light!”

When you first begin practicing this, you might not have the biggest encounters on the face of the planet. People say, “I want to see the living creatures, the streets of gold, the throne room and the sea of glass!” You just might do that, but perhaps you won’t. This is just like any tool. If I handed you a drill, you’d have to figure out how to use it. It might take you and hour to figure out how to get one of those bits to work. But a couple of months later, you’d be able to change the bits quickly because you know how to work it.

It is the same thing with ascending. As you’re learning how to move in it, you might not have the biggest encounters at first. Don’t give up! While learning, I said to myself, “I LIKE this tool. I believe this tool is biblical and I am going to learn how to use it!” I sunk my teeth into it, and can now teach it – because the Holy Spirit showed me how to do it. I am now going to Heaven every day and God is showing me answers to my problems, how to handle situations, and how to get healing and deliverance.

Hebrews 11:1 (AMPC) reads, “Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].” Faith is required in this endeavor!! Choose to believe! ‘Do not despise the day of small beginnings’.

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  • Bruce Callander

    Great stuff Katie. Thanks for moving me forward

  • rita poe

    Katie would u please tell me if u know of someone being healed of type one diabetes? if so what specific steps were taken? the doctor said there is no hope of healing. I know Jesus is able to heal. I believe he is our only hope of a true and complete healing and restoration.thanks.

    • Robert Souza

      Get healed in your soul and also stop eating all sugar and eat organic.


    Thanks for sharing this great revelation. I will share with you my experiences as they unfold. I have faith!

  • Reneiloe Sepharatla

    blessed indeed. I am in south Africa and would like how to contribute

  • Yolanda Gonzales

    Thank you for the great and amazing teachings
    You share, and give out so much
    Each time I read your teachings I want more and more to learn how to have encounters with Our
    Heavenly FAther and our Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit to have all that He has given us to walk
    as His children, ministers, everywhere we are.
    Thank you so much and God continue to bless you even more !!! ❤️

  • Jacqueline

    In reference to type One diabetes
    #1 Pray and believe and have faith you will heal! Start with healing your soul .. Just love Katies soul healings has done wonders for my health and my soul.. this along with God made healthy nutritional organic eating are keys to prosper in health. Cant help but share the below as I am loving the benefits of this fruit.. having suffered from server anemia and total lack of energy this fruit in a matter of a day gave me energy! When I could barely get out of bed .. God is Good! He provides all we need. !!

    I Learned a wonderful fruit called Jack Fruit and the flavor is amazing and the benefits our amazing as well.
    Depending on if you have High glycemic or low will determine what works for you. If you have High sugars then Jack Fruit is an amazing fruit. (not good for those with low sugar)
    When eating it keep a close eye on your levels! It will Lower your sugars quickly especially the seeds. YES you can eat the seeds all kinds of recipes online on youtube as well. Boosts immune system suppresses cancer, mash the seeds with milk and honey and put on your skin WOW the amazing benefits! can be used for hair as well to make healthy and shiny and repair dry damaged hair. God has provided all we need for health.. Stay to what he has created NOT modified NOT GMO organic original God made!
    Amazing Jackfruit Benefits: By Vineetha in Fruits
    1. Fights wrinkles:
    Dip jackfruit seed in some cold milk for a minute. Grind this well and apply gently on the wrinkles. This can reduce wrinkles in just about 6 weeks. Use regularly for best results.
    2. Helps to get a glowing complexion:
    You can consume jackfruit seeds directly to prevent constipation. This fibre rich fruit also detoxifies your system to add a glowing complexion.
    3. Flawless skin:
    Jackfruit seed can give you flawless skin. Soak some dry seed with milk and honey. Grind them into a fine paste and apply on your face. Let it dry, and then wash off to reveal flawless skin in just few minutes.
    4. High in protein:
    Jackfruit seeds contain a good amount of protein. This can be added to different dishes that you prepare. You can also replace lentils in your daily diet with jackfruit seeds!
    5. Promotes hair growth:
    Jackfruit seeds can aid in healthy blood circulation that is vital for good hair growth.
    6. Vitamin A:
    Jackfruit seeds contain vitamin A that is an essential vitamin for healthy hair and to prevent dryness and brittle hair.
    7. Immunity:
    Jackfruit is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system can protect the body from many common diseases such as cough, cold and flu.
    8. Energy:
    Jackfruit is loaded with carbohydrate and calorie. This is a rich source of simple sugar like fructose and sucrose that gives instant energy. The fruit contains zero cholesterol that makes it a safe and healthy food.
    9. Prevents cancer:
    Jackfruit has antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoid that provide protection from cancer. Antioxidants in jackfruit protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals are produced due to oxidative stress in the body. This damages the DNA of your cell and produces cancer cell. But, antioxidants can neutralize these free radicals to protect DNA from free radicals damage. Jackfruit also provides protection against colon, lung and oral cavity cancer.
    10. Maintains blood pressure:
    Jackfruit has potassium that maintains the sodium level in the body. Good level of potassium helps to maintain the fluid level to balance electrolyte. Hence, it is useful to reduce high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.
    11. Improves digestion:
    Jackfruit is a rich source of dietary fiber that makes it a bulk laxative. This helps to improve digestion and prevents constipation.
    12. Prevents colon cancer:
    Jackfruit is high in dietary fats that cleanse the toxins from the colon. Hence, it reduces the toxin effects in the colon and gives protection from colon cancer.
    Antioxidants in jackfruit protects from cancer, ageing and degenerative disease.
    13. Improves eyesight:
    Rich antioxidant content in jackfruit increases eye vision and provides protection against cataract and macular degeneration. Jackfruit also contains vitamin A that is a vital nutrient for eye health.
    14. Skin health and ageing:
    Many natural factors such as increase in age, menopause, and low nutrition cause the body to age. Pollution, UV radiation and smoke also promote ageing process at an early age. Antioxidants present in jackfruit can destroy the free radicals in the body to slow down the ageing process.
    15. Asthma:
    Jackfruit provides relief to people suffering from asthma. Asthma is a respiratory disorder affecting a number of people today.
    16. Bone health:
    Jackfruit contains calcium, which strengthens and promotes healthy bone. This can also prevent osteoporosis. Jackfruit also contains good level of potassium, which can decrease the loss of calcium through the kidney and increase bone density.
    17. Anemia:
    Jackfruit comes loaded with Vitamin A, C, E, K, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Pantothenic acid, Copper, Manganese and Magnesium that are required for blood formation. This also increases your body’s capacity to absorb iron, thus preventing and curing anemia.
    18. Cold and infections:
    Vitamin C supplements are known to prevent cold and infections. One cup of jackfruit can give your body a good amount of this antioxidant, strengthening your immune system.
    19. Regulates blood sugar levels:
    High blood sugar level can be caused due to manganese deficiency in the body. Jackfruit has a rich amount of this nutrient and thus helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body.
    20. Prevents bone loss:
    Jackfruit is rich in magnesium that helps build and strengthen your bones. People who consume potassium and magnesium rich food have higher bone density and stronger bones.
    21. Keeps thyroid healthy:
    Copper is vital for thyroid metabolism, especially for hormone production and absorption. Jackfruit is filled with this potent micro mineral and keeps your metabolism rate healthy.
    22. Supports bowel regularity:

    Jackfruit has high a fiber content that can give relief and prevention from constipation.

    23. Helps prevent night blindness:

    Jackfruit can be very good for your eyes. This ‘jack of all fruits’ contain a good amount of vitamin A and can prevent night blindness.

    24. Lowers risk of heart disease:

    Jackfruit is very heart-friendly. Vitamin B6 present in the fruit helps to reduce homocystein levels in your blood and keeps your heart hale and hearty!

    25. Ulcers:

    Jackfruit has strong anti-ulcerative properties that can cure ulcers and many other digestive system disorders.

    PS super easy to grow .. take the seeds from the fruit put them in a bowl of water (i use fresh from the spring not tap) wait for the seed to sprout and plant they grow all year and are easy to maintain and harvest ENJOY! These plants could end world hunger!! pretty amazing!!

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