Check In The Mail

Katie, I just have to tell you what’s happening!  I’ve had your banking in the Glory CD’s for a year or two and when I first listened, I thought it was just more ‘loose cannon’ teachings so I put them away.  In the last 4 months or so, I heard something about Glory and I pulled your teachings back out!!!! OMG!!  Why didn’t I finish listening 2 years ago!!!  I went on your website and ordered just about everything we could afford and I started learning, everyday, all day, I digested those teachings.  I am a teacher and was ordained for a time and I still teach at a small church in Schulenburg, Texas once a month….well, last month I gave them an overview of your Banking in the Glory and The Light of Jesus!  Everyone was shouting and excited.  Tomorrow I am doing a more in depth study on Banking.  Last night as I repented and washed in the blood of Jesus; then began to focus on the Light of Christ, I asked God if He would please cause a financial miracle for me so I could teach from first hand experience instead of continually saying, “This is what God did for Katie Souza! Just for a little background, my husband and I are on Social Security, we lost two businesses due to a botched open heart surgery on the hubby in 2010 and I haven’t worked in over a year.  I am 69 years old and I have NEVER drawn unemployment until this year.  My benefits are now used up and with the government shut down I didn’t expect to hear anything from Unemployment. This morning I opened the mail and found a letter from Texas Unemployment saying that I had been approved for a continuation in my benefits and I would be paid thru the end of the year!!!!  $1,200 per month!!! Total $3,600!!!!  What an awesome God we serve and what a blessing that you are. I am thankful that God chose someone like you to get this life changing Word out to the world!!! Thank you Katie and God Bless you, your family and your Ministry!!!!  I’m still hoping to be able to come to the Big Tent meeting this month!”  -Pat

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