Dear Katie, I got my hands on your healing CD’s. Me and my girlfriend went through them together and were amazed. I decided to listen to them with two more friends. I left the CD in my player after a meeting. Occasionally the player would malfunction and just start the CD I left inside. One night I woke up out of a dead sleep with my heart racing as I heard this harsh, hard, loud breathing noise rushing past my ear fading into the back wall. As I sat their with my heart racing. I heard a faint voice talking. I realized instantly it was your voice that had started on the CD player. I then started putting together this scene. Because you have authority over the demonic they had to flee or got scared and fled because of your voice. I have shared that story with many. Thank you for allowing God to work his amazing power in your life so we can learn the deeper things of God.  -S. M.

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