Deliverance from addictions and occult

My name is Lilly Harvey, I am 59 years old and five years ago I was in bondage, defeated by drugs and a physical condition. I had battled addiction for 10 years. God took me captive and set me [...]

Delivered from demonic idols

I live in Nairobi, Kenya…I have been watching soul healing episodes on youtube. I have been pursuing healing and prayers for stubborn issues of the digestive system, nerves, joints, and [...]

Freedom From Captivity

Katie is amazing. She is a Mighty Woman of God. I am blessed to be a part of her ministry. God is Amazing. I just completed the training to be apart of her ministry team. I am a Sr Pastor and [...]

Getting My Soul Healed

I am so grateful to this ministry and the work ye are doing. Thanks for being so faithful! It has changed my life. I am in the process of soul healing and have received so many healings over the [...]

Knee healed over Faith TV

I want to share my testimony Katie. I use to follow your program on faith TV and I get blessed each time I listen to your teachings. Yesterday 4th September, I heard the tail end of your ministry [...]

Foot and back healed!!

In Less than 24 hours. MY foot is healed!!! NO PAIN!!!!!!! My foot hurt for three weeks solid day and night, I sent prayer request and it was healed late the next day…After I sent a prayer [...]

Healed from trauma Aug 20,2020

  I am a Nigerian, a mother of 3, and I just want to share how God healed my soul. I heard about Healing traumatized soul for the first time on your show Faith with Katie on Faith TV on the [...]

Freedom from addictions!!

Well, I’m even more discouraged after I wrote out my story on my phone which took two hours-it’s not easy on the phone with all the corrections needing to be made and the first time [...]

Healed from Muscle Spasms 08.20.2020

I participated in the healing meeting online yesterday with Tony Kemp and Katie. I was in a horrific car accident in February this year with many severe injuries. My bones have healed, but I have [...]