I’ve noticed such a positive change…

I heard about Katie via Doug Addison's September webcast. I re-listened to it about 6 times to extract everything from it. I began praying quietly under my breath for my husband each night by covering his sin and wounds caused by others sin and releasing dunamis power to heal him. I've noticed such a positive [...]

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Will ever be grateful to God for your teaching…

My husband and I were separated and on the brink of divorce. We had many painful issues unresolved for years. I had begun attending a Bible study in September that was using Katie's book, "Healing the Wounded Soul". One night while praying, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to attend a Love After Marriage [...]

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Thankful for the Miracles!

Dear Expected End Ministries, Thank you so very much for praying for our family friend, Michael. He has not been well, at all for 2 years and the Doctors thought that his illness was Legionnaires, disease, (from not using gardening gloves, from store-bought garden soil), or using a protective breathing mask. He has been in [...]

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Demonic has Less Dominion Over Us

I was reading Katie's partner letter today, and she was talking about how God has been impressing her with amping up Healing School. I felt compelled to share our story. My husband and I started watching Katie on TV back in 2010. My husband suffers with PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder from childhood, he was [...]

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After So Many Years…

After so many years of not understanding what was happening, God delivered my husband from the Jezebel, Ahab and Athaliah demonic spirits. We battled for about 5 weeks and every day God would show us something new. The truth came out right before the last main attack. God has saved our marriage and family, praise [...]

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No Remorse or Guilt

PRAISE JESUS!!!! Victory in Trials, my first listen, HALLELUJAH!!!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!! I have been plagued by uncontrollable impulses, literally loss of focus, concentration, brain/mind freeze (could not call out or on Jesus for help). Sin would easily beset me constantly!!!! At work, I was constantly attacked by Satan and his forces because he had legal [...]

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Growth Completely Disappeared!

My 16-year-old daughter had a growth/discoloration on the side of her torso just below her armpit. It continued to grow bigger and we were getting very concerned as it can be very dangerous for any type of skin lesion to continue to get bigger and discolored etc. A few days ago the Lord told Her [...]

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Helping Me Fight Back the Darkness

Dear Katie, you are a miracle.   Your awesome talent is helping me on my journey through life here on earth. Thank you for your ministry. I saw you on YouTube.com this morning which helped me fight back the darkness that keeps attacking me. Please add me to your prayers to fight this oppression and depression. [...]

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Don’t Have to Live Like that Anymore!

I had been in spiritual fights since April; fighting demons from land that was formerly a plantation, now a new home development, having a spiritual attachment since November 2012 I knew nothing about, and then learning from your Youtube videos about the leviathan and legion spirits having legal rights because of wounds in our souls. [...]

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Started Something Only God Can Help Me Finish

I lived a life much like Katie describes in The Key to your Expected End. Cooked and sold drugs for many years. A year ago I was convicted of distribution and trafficking. On March 20th 2019 I got picked up for Probation Violation. My P.O. had all rights to send me to prison for 5 [...]

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Bad Smell Gone Forever!

On 14 June 2019 I watched Katie Souza preaching on Channel 341 on DSTV (South Africa). She talked about how sometimes physical illnesses result from spiritual wounds in our souls. She led the audience into prayer.  I repented that the Lord forgive me for any grievous or hurting words that I talked about anyone or [...]

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Vision Related Headaches Healed!

I was healed! Within the last 3 months I was was getting some vision related headaches that only recently started happening. Even just trying to focus on something right in front of me was starting to cause headaches, like using my cell phone or watching tv, and there was nothing much the eye doctor could [...]

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Locked Up in My Mind; Set Free because of a Prison

Katie recently came to Columbia MS to a prison where I'm employed. I heard her testimony and life events though the struggles and mistakes that she made. I could only watch as I was at work. I really felt moved in my soul because I was a severely damaged child that grew up in a [...]

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Enemy’s Plans Pushed Back

Thank you so much for your prayers!! The Australian government election was won and the enemies plans pushed back. Many Christians were praying and fasting so our Christian Prime Minister got back in. The enemy was reeling! The mainstream media  is saying, "That it's a miracle." The person who was running against our Christian Prime [...]

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Getting rid of Tombs and Soaking in Fire!

During the Spirit & Power conference yesterday. You had a word about gambling, and I came up for prayer. I told how my mom had to flee from our home in Chicago and go to Mississippi. You obey Holy Spirit and with “ pressure” applied your fist in upper stomach area. It was similarly to [...]

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Endometriosis Burn and Never Return

Good day Expected End Ministries, I wanted to share a praise report. I've been watching your YouTube channel for a couple of months and ordered the Soul Decrees book and CD set. I also soak in the fire at night while I sleep. I watched one service where a lady was testifying about being healed [...]

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Long Time Eating Disorder

I Thank God for this ministry, for YEARS I knew something within me was very wrong but after repenting and pleading the blood nothing changed, I didn't change. I'm so pleased to say that through this ministry I have been delivered from my long time eating disorder!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! GLORY BE TO GOD!!! My mind [...]

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My Journey

Praise the Lord! Thank you Katie for your ministry. I’ve been struggling through some heavy darkness with generational curses, ancestral sins and my own sins. While on my journey of deliverance, repentance and forgiveness there was still some lingering struggles of darkness which your videos and ministry have guided me through. Through your ministry I’ve [...]

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It was around midday, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, while I was cleaning our home, located in Harare, Zimbabwe. I stopped everything and followed Katie's teaching on Healing Your Soul on Faith TV Africa. I shall never forget the teaching on how past sin inflict wounds on our souls that open the door for the king [...]

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Power Love and Sound Minds

Katie and family! I have so accelerated in my soul healing since I first heard you on Sid Roth mid-year 2013. I immediately ordered The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul. And started! Well, it is the end of 2018 and I have about all your teachings and soaks. I have the 'Katie Souza' [...]

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Bringing Hope and Healing

My son has been incarcerated for going on five years, he has six years left. At 1st his attitude was as you would expect from someone in this god-awful situation, scared, depressed. leanly, full of despair. After surrendering himself to Jesus plan, he is a changed man. He reaches out to every inmate he meets [...]

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Last night I watched a Christian show online, and after it was over, the internet shows a list of other videos you can watch. I pressed one that was about which objects you should remove from your home. Of course, one of them was certain music. I already knew that, and I had been planning [...]

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Experiencing the Promised Land

Hi. I wanted to tell Katie about a blessing I had yesterday morning. I stumbled upon her teaching about the manna, and here's how it happened. I woke up, had breakfast, and proceeded to do my morning bible reading. I was reading about the manna and the wilderness journey. I had previously asked the Holy [...]

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Believing God For Complete Healing

I first heard of Katie Souza in July 2018 through an Elijah List broadcast. Since then, I have been listening to the Soul Healing series, as well as Youtube and have read the book "Healing the Wounded Soul". I knew I had a wounded soul due to some trauma I experienced as a child but [...]

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All to YAHWAYS Glory

I am a repeat viewer and I was watching your show on The Despot King of Babylon. At the end of the show, you did a super soak, during which time we had all the places of rebellions healed. When the show was at the very end, you prayed to remove all the spirits that [...]

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Livestock Delivered of Legion and Healed

Hello.  Before the testimony, let me give you a little background: I’m a sixth year PhD student at Yale University in the Molecular Biology department. I do genetics and embryological development research in axolotls, a species salamander from Mexico. The reason we study axolotls is that they are extremely gifted at regenerating most parts of [...]

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I just wanted to let Katie know that since I began watching her TV Episodes on the 11:11 & 1:11 revelation that not only have I been seeing these numbers everywhere but that I also had a miracle! I had not spoken to my mom & sister in over ten years, and we were reunited [...]

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Admonition to Parents

Several months ago I had written for prayer for my 6 year old grand daughter who was suffering from demonic oppression, sexual visitations from a spirit and speaking horrible things about herself (that she is trash and should not live) and also violence against her siblings, also including catching her privately bowing to Satan. We [...]

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Perfect Love

Dear Kate, I just finished your book on Soul Decrees. It has greatly impacted my life and walk with God as He continues to heal my soul. I've walked with the Lord for 45 years and love His Word. I can't do without Him. I was saved at 10 years old but having been raised [...]

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The Extraordinary Power in Communion

I was listening to Katie one day and she was sharing the power of communion. The importance to take it at times we feel we could become offended. To prevent an offense landing on us and to prevent snakes landing on us. So I thought, this is a beautiful idea ...I'm gonna try this on [...]

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Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Hi Ministry Team! My husband and I have been watching Katie's you tube episodes every night for the last week and will continue until we watch all of them! Something crazy keeps happening EVERY TIME we watch one of her messages. My husband or myself or both of us.... falls asleep. It's like the glory [...]

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The Woman God Called Me To Be

I have suffered much lost and trauma in my life including the lost of my 10 year old son. I became a pastor but never understood why I couldn’t move forward in my ministry. After many years of toiling without results I got to the place of wanting to just quit and throw in the [...]

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Never Stopping

I was at the meeting in NYC for 3 days and on one of the session there was a breakthrough angel that broke through the ceiling. Well, I went to a meeting last night and the pastor felt like break through was in that meeting. Then in church today, the pastor asked if anyone wanted [...]

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Restored Healed Delivered and Blessed

I just want you to know, I am a partner and a fan of yours, because of your obedience to the Lord. I absolutely love all of your teachings. However, I just got the Healing Clinic Series and somehow it brought it all together for me. I have been getting releases in my soul and [...]

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Only the Beginning of Miracles

I would like to thank you so much Katie for the miracle that has occurred in my life. Amazingly the Holy Spirit led me and your teaching appeared on my lap top. I have had years of counseling and prayer ministry but never before have I heard teaching on the healing of the soul and [...]

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Amazing Lord Wonderful Healer

Testimonial of actual healing, April 14, 2018 Conference Denver, CO  - I was diagnosed with a partially paralyzed Larynx, right side, by my Doctor two years ago. The paralysis began before that and slowly intensified leading to the diagnosis. I do ministry work and recently am a guest on a radio show since December 2017 [...]

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White As Snow

I suffered from a really uncomfortable discharge. I was always using pantyliner's and when I went to the doctors they always said there is nothing wrong with me. I always listen to Katie and on one particular Friday while watching her through her television show she said she also suffered from this heavy "menstruation" followed [...]

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