Soul Decrees Lesson 39

Now that you have completed this course Soul Decrees 101, I hope you agree with my opening statement, “It is small but mighty.” If you know my story, you know that I spent most of my life [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 38

PERSONAL ACTIVATION: Make these decrees so that you can be healed of everything you have in common with the adversary of your soul! I decree, I have been forgiven and declared righteous through [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 37

Perhaps you know how King David felt when he wrote these words: “For the enemy has pursued and persecuted my soul, he has crushed my life down to the ground; he has made me to dwell in dark [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 36

WATCH THIS VIDEO OF KATIE TEACHING “OVERCOMING TRAUMA – PART #2” PERSONAL ACTIVATION: Now let’s activate all that we have learned. Be intentional and use the following decrees to overcome trauma [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 35

The fifth chapter of Mark tells of Jesus’ encounter with a demon-possessed man who lived among tombstones. The man, who was possessed by many demons, was so wild that “no one could bind him [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 34

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE OF KATIE TEACHING “LIVING WITHOUT OFFENSE – PART 2” Your words can wound the soul of the person you are talking about, and they can wound yours too, and then make you sick! [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 33

Most of us are easily offended. And I suspect that some people are offended just because I said so. We get offended when someone cuts us off in traffic. Or when the line is long and the cashier [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 32

We will continue to loose the light and glory of Jesus into our lives today through decrees. The Lord will arise upon you with healing in His wings and the glory light of Jesus will heal your [...]

Soul Decrees Lesson 31

Has it been some time since you’ve experienced God’s glory in a powerful way? If so, you need to spend more time in His presence. Put on some praise and worship music and lift your hands and your [...]