Hearing from God Lesson 12

Now, I’m going to tell you the next step. My mom passed away in February of 2008. When she died, she was far from being totally healed. However, God was still true to His Word. He said to me, [...]

Hearing from God Lesson 11

This lesson is about living like Jesus. He performed signs and wonders because He was being led by the voice of God. He said, “…but He is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, for [...]

Hearing from God Lesson 10

A few months later, mom received another healing. Again, while I was at a meeting, God spoke to me, and told me that there were 57 days until November 11th. He said, “I’m telling you this because [...]

Hearing from God Lesson 9

Upon returning home, I released this anointing onto my father for about 20 minutes and he was healed of a prostrate problem that he had suffered with for years. Within a month, my mother, who had [...]

Hearing from God Lesson 7

On the next day of the fast, I asked the Lord if I should take a trip to Bethel. He said yes. “Okay Lord, if that was You, give me a scripture,” I replied. He said, “Matthew 10:10.” It told me [...]

Hearing from God Lesson 6

As I put my mom back in bed, I told her that God would give her a confirmation of her own. We decided I would read scripture to her and see if He made anything stand out to her. She drifted in [...]