Carving Out A Realm

Lesson 11

As we began to get the revelation about the glory and the light being able to heal our temple, we were having dreams about houses, rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and closets. A closet is a small, private room, one especially used for prayer and meditation. All those symbols represented the temple. God was telling us “I’m showing you through your dreams what you are dealing with. I’m trying to get your temple cleaned up.” Our temple is supposed to be used for prayer and meditation, but inside of our soul, in our temple, are rooms full of soul wounds. It is hard to worship the Lord and pray without our minds being distracted and tormented when we are being besieged and plagued by soul wounds that the demonic are attached to.

When I received my healing in Virginia, I saw many wounded “Katie’s” in closets. They were in the rooms that were supposed to be used for prayer and worship to God! Those wounds were healed, and now I can worship for hours without my mind being distracted. My closets no longer have wounds inside of them blocking my prayer and worship toward God.

Another tip to understanding dream symbols is … know your Bible! God can take those stories and parallel them to what is happening to you now. His Word is alive and as God applies our situation to a Bible story, full, detailed revelation will come. When I read that scripture about Zerubbabel, I got the deep revelation because I knew the story! As soon as I read that scripture, I knew the complete story. I got a full, detailed revelation about the mountain and the temple representing the soul and how God is going to speak, “grace, grace,” to it so that mountain of the soul will become a molehill!

That scripture was personalized just for me. Zerubbabel is an ex-con coming out of imprisonment in Babylon to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. I’m an ex-con coming out of imprisonment and my mission is to rebuild the temple too – of every soul of every person I can get my hands on, including my own! So, read your Bible and expect God to speak to you in a personal way.

God told us the wounded soul needed to be healed in the Glory Light of Jesus, so we began to decree it. For about a month I walked around saying, “I am filled with the Light! Glory light on my soul! You’re filled with the light! Light, light, light!” I’d lay hands on people and say, “In the name of Jesus, be filled with the light! Every wound be healed in the Glory Light of Jesus! Your mind is going to be sound and fulfilling its office! I kept decreeing it over every person, and believing it myself, but I did not see one single piece of fruit. We are forerunners; we break through for those who follow behind us; we break the membrane for everybody else! I was going on pure faith as I was carving out a realm of authority over the mountain of the soul in the glory and the light, and I was praying for it to rain and for more revelation.

Then I had a vision of a mountain that was no longer barren and rocky. There were trees and it was now becoming green and lush. The sun was rising behind the mountain, but it hadn’t gotten over the crest yet. God was using this vision as a progress report. He was showing me it was working. The Sun of Righteousness was arising on that mountain of the soul with healing in His wings and His beams, but it was not finished yet because the mountain was still in shadow.

Confirmation or report card dreams encourage me to keep going, I am on the right track. If I get on the wrong track, God will use a vision or a dream to show me that too. The key is listening to God and being willing to stop and change direction. We prayed for MORE rain and MORE light! We soaked in the Glory, and kept pressing in.

Then one day, an angel came to visit me wearing a bright yellow rain slicker with a curved-looking fisherman’s hat. He was wearing rain gear! He got right up in my face with a huge smile, and said, “IT’S GONNA RAIN!!” Within two months people were getting healed in their soul in our meetings and signs, wonders, and deliverances were happening to people as they sat in their seat. We weren’t having to touch anyone. We had carved out the realm and had followed the directions from our visions and dreams. Now, things don’t always happen instantly; we have to work them out and be obedient to what God is doing. We had to carve this realm out so God could do what He wanted to do all along.

Do you want a miracle? Your visions and your dreams are going to lead you step by step into getting it. They are going to show you where to go as you are carving out a realm for yourself. We just did what we saw and we got results! Until next week,

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  • Donna Peacock

    Thank you so much, i am getting it… I love how the angel was dressed & came to you & said “IT’S GOING TO RAIN” I want this, all I can get…

    • Katie Souza

      Amen Lord pour down your Spirit and fill us with your grace! Blessings to you!!

  • Velinda Rutherford

    Oh My Goodness..I keep hearing God talk to me using this powerful woman of God,,Surly this is a ministry of fire and God uses iron to sharpen iron! I pray God will continue to use this ministry As a fertile ground, filling it with a harvest of souls in every land..Blessings to the prayer team too. I’m praying for you..Amen!!

    • Katie Souza

      Thank you so much such kind words. Bless you!

  • Savannah

    Wow, talk about confirmation. I just shared with my mother how in prayer for a specific person I kept getting vision of a dirty room that would distract me in prayer.. Wow.. Wow God!! Praying for answers and then I open this up!! Praise God and thank you for your help! <3

  • Carol

    I am so amazed at how God is using you – powerful stuff your teachings are so profound pray for me I desire a genuine deep healing so many wounds I want to be filled with so much joy an light I’m so desperate for a touch from the Holy Spirit from Carol (south africa)

  • Robert Woodring

    I just poured out my soul and the comment failed. I should have saved it first

  • Jessica

    Awesome word, Thank God for the rain! Amen!