Lesson 1

We need to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I’m going to tell you some things that you probably haven’t heard before, about Holy Spirit, and the power He brings with him, which is Dunamis. I’m so grateful that we get to see amazing, sometimes crazy miracles, because they’re all through the action of the Holy Spirit. I’m not working the miracles; I’m just like a player on the chess board. I just submit myself to God and the Holy Spirit does the work with dunamis power.We just had a girl in prison, (we don’t have the footage of this miracle, because we weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the prison), who had crushed her heel in a car accident and had a bolt and screws reconstructing her foot. One of the screws in the back of the heel got dislodged. It was trapped underneath her skin and was causing a huge bulge. You could actually feel the screw underneath the layers of skin. God did a miracle for her. He took the screw out completely; just made it disappear! I called three of her friends up to testify because we weren’t allowed to bring in a metal detector either. I asked, “Have you ever seen or felt the bulge from the screw?” All three of them had seen and felt it. They said you could feel the head of the screw; they described it in detail. I said, “Now, feel her heel.”

They reached down, felt it, and exclaimed, “Wow! It’s gone. It’s not there anymore.”

These metal miracles are becoming normal in our meetings. There was a woman with a long rod in her leg because of a skiing accident. After she was healed, she was able to touch her knee to her face! I told her, “Give me that anointing!”

In one of our prison meetings, angels came down with body parts on trays, and on one tray was a new knuckle. A guy in that meeting had punched people out so hard that it shattered his knuckle. The shattered knuckle parts had absorbed into his hand. He had a big scar where it had happened. He’d gone to the hospital, but they told him, “We can’t do anything but put metal in it.” That night, after the first meeting, he was lying in his bunk cracking his knuckles when he realized he had a new knuckle. (We do have this testimony on video!)

At this same meeting, we had an inmate heckling us that hadn’t been there for the first session. He called out, “I don’t believe it!” He was there because he had heard about the miracles, and again he said, “I don’t believe it. Do it again.”

I said, “Well, let’s take some testimonies. Who knew this guy before this miracle happened to him?” A man came forward, “I knew him.”

I said, “So, did you hear the story?”

“Yeah, I heard the story.”

“Did he have a knuckle?”

He replied, “He didn’t have no knuckle.”

I said, “And now?”

He goes, “He got a knuckle.”

So, angels arrived in the prison meeting and nobody saw them but me. My volunteers were standing at the side of the stage, unaware of the angelic activity. They were watching another man and the back of his shirt was moving and flapping! Angels were back there putting in the new spine and the metal in his back completely disappeared!

I’m so privileged to get to witness so many amazing miracles! You can witness them too, because it’s not you or me, it’s Holy Spirit. When you were born again, you received Holy Spirit. He’s actually called “the gift”! He came to live inside of you 24/7 and never leave or forsake you, to be your comforter, your counsel, and your advocate! He’s always ready to help, to strengthen, and to solve problems for you. However, we need to lean and rely more on Him. We need to build our relationship with Holy Spirit.

If you had a friend that was handcuffed to you, and they were walking around with you 24/7, but they never talked to you, would you value that friendship? Would you think, “Wow! This person never talks to me or has a conversation with me. They don’t care about me.” Are you talking to Holy Spirit on a daily basis? After all, He is your best friend!

I love 1 Corinthians 2:10 (AMPC) “Yet to us God has unveiled and revealed them by and through His Spirit, for the [Holy] Spirit searches diligently, exploring and examining everything, even sounding the profound and bottomless things of God [the divine counsels and things hidden and beyond man’s scrutiny].” When we have a problem, we ask, “What’s going on God! Why is this happening?” Well, instead of saying that, say this, “Holy Spirit, find out what’s going on.”

Next time we will explore why we can say something like that to Holy Spirit. Like I said, I think I will be telling you some things you haven’t heard before!

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