Bringing Hope and Healing

My son has been incarcerated for going on five years, he has six years left. At 1st his attitude was as you would expect from someone in this god-awful situation, scared, depressed. leanly, full of despair. After surrendering himself to Jesus plan, he is a changed man. He reaches out to every inmate he meets in hopes of giving them a little human kindness and hope that they are going to be alright. He was in Calhoun and attended the church services there until they dissolved them. He then started bible study groups with others and wants to go into ministries like yours when he gets out. To bring love hope and peace to the inmates. Something that is so desperately needed by these poor souls. Why is our society so set on depriving incarcerated people of every human dignity? To be incarcerated is enough punishment. They are left with nothing. No decentness which is so needed anywhere except until he heard about the wonderful work you have done. He would love one of your books and hopes to spread the gifts of the book with all that he meets. Please consider helping him. I am currently out of work but plan on being a continual contributor of your work. My wife and I are strongly committed to our church, Priest and community. I am the grand Knight for KOC, we teach catechism, count he proceeds clean the bathrooms and whatever else we can door. This is a cause we wholeheartedly believe in. I hope to bring this program up at one of our council meetings to get support for this project. My son hopes that he can spread the word where he is to bring hope and healing to inmates. My son would like to contact you to see how he can help you spread your message. He has been a several facilities and at each he has manage to organize men for bible study and support. He asked me to find an address, so I have requested a book for him and have sent him your contact information. Thank you for bringing hope and healing to God’s people that need it the most. -M. L.

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