Boot Camp Challenge

Lesson 10

It takes people that are healed in their souls to change a region. In the case chronicled in Mark, chapter 5, it only took one man, Jesus Christ, to drive out a regional spirit. He removed Legion from the territory it had previously controlled. Because Jesus had nothing in his soul that was in common with Legion, he was able to take dominion over a regional spirit and remove him.

Jesus was born with a perfect soul. You weren’t. He never sinned. You have. He did not need his soul healed. You do. When your soul is healed, you can do the same thing Jesus did. You can crush the influence of a regional spirit, which will have regional impact. In Mark 5:20, it says the man who had wandered among tombs went and publicly proclaimed in the Decapolis, the region of the Ten Cities, how much Jesus had done for him. People were astonished and marveled.

We are not called to just sit and stuff our minds with teachings and do no more. We are to use this knowledge to go out and deliberately take the world. When you get this revelation, you will take back your home, your neighborhood, your city, your REGION. Why stop there? Take your state, even an entire continent, for Jesus Christ!

As soon as you step out of your “boat” you can expect a regional demon to meet you. So what? With your healed soul you will have nothing in common with him and you will pound him to the ground. Thank you, Jesus.

Once I was on a speaking engagement in Oklahoma and the night before my first session I had a dream. In the dream, I was cooking methamphetamines. (If you don’t already know, I was a career criminal and served federal time for manufacturing drugs.)  Well, I had a dream about it. Now, believe me. I know I sinned. I repented many times since I found Jesus. But that sin wounded my soul. At the time I had the dream, I had gotten the revelation about the soul. When I woke up from the dream I thought to myself, “God is telling me that my sin of cooking meth left a wound inside me”.

Even though I had repented many times and I had applied the blood of the cross to my sin, I had never commanded my soul to be filled with dunamis. Until then, I didn’t even realize my soul was wounded from that specific sin. I just thought I just needed to repent. But obviously God was telling me, “No, there’s a wound there, and you need to put dunamis on it.”

So, I commanded my soul to be healed. It took about 15 minutes of me just focusing on it. Then I saw a vision. I saw a lightning strike and I instantly knew I was healed. I felt the difference and I knew.  But, still I wondered, “God, why a lightning strike?” And he said, “To cauterize the wound”.

Later, as I drove to the event, I reflected on the dream and what God said. I wondered why God chose to bring this to my attention at that time. I arrived at the venue, walked into the room and immediately encountered, in my spirit, a strong, odorous, familiar smell.

I approached one of the event leaders and told her I was sure I smelled chemicals used to cook meth. She calmly replied, “Well, when we first rented this building, police told us this room had been used as a meth lab.”

God did me a huge solid, right there. He showed me grace and mercy. He gave me the chance to get the wound caused by my meth-cooking sin healed before the event because the wound in my soul had something in common with that region I just entered. God showed me I had something in my soul that was in common with the building where I was about to minister. God, my merciful Father showed me I had a problem that would prevent me from taking dominion in that meeting. But he healed it and from that point, I had nothing in me that was in common with the spirits that were over that building. I had power to accomplish his perfect plan for those peeps that weekend. We saw miracles break out. Jesus made a spectacle of the enemy, once again.

I urge you to meditate on this word. Is your ministry stalled? Are you doing “everything right” and yet, seeing no fruit? Go into worship and ask God to reveal to you the wound that is stopping your progress. Get your soul healed and join the fight.

When someone joins the military, they have to be made ready. They go to boot camp and endure intense physical and mental preparation. To be ready for battle, they have to be ready to engage the enemy and prepared to win!

Spiritually, it is the same. You have to be prepared to engage the enemy, who is very real and is not playing by anyone’s rules! If God has given you a call to minister, get yourself in shape. Get your soul healed. Welcome to the fight! Big Love, Katie

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  • Michelle

    Rock Solid!!!

  • Angela Taylor

    Katie, I’ve been stagnant for so many years. Praying with no results, discouraged, not hearing God and the list goes on. Listening to Healing Your Soul is the one thing that has stirred and awakened me. I’m on my healing journey and want to thank you for your ministry.

  • Jennifer Dalton

    You are the first person to discuss a past issue that has been repented of, but has left a wound in the soul that needs dunamis to heal it. I will not take lightly something in my dream that I know I wouldn’t say or do anymore while awake. Thank you! Just what I needed to hear.

  • Porsha

    Please pray for my children and grandchildren . God will open their hearts to receive the Holy Spirit to serve God

    • Tonya Basham

      This morning I’m lifing up your family and mine. When my husbands grandmother passed away, we found written in the back of her bible “my greatest desire is for all my family to turn to God and be saved. I want to spend eternity with you all.” It was so amazing to read that! It stirred my heart so much! I have it as my wallpaper on my laptop, everytime we open it we are reminded how much love she had for her family and God. May God continue to hear answer our prayers of healing over our families.

  • Joyce Wise

    Thank you SO much for this topic that has not been mentioned in Christian believers’ communities. I have received results from commanding my soul with Dumanis! Believe God with me concerning my 11-year old grandson, Jermaine, who has loss his maternal grandmother; going through a lot! He was adopted by her and only “mother” he knows. Real mother (Constance) just getting back in his life & she need parenting/coping skills, he’s a super Scholar but undergo Mood Disorders which she want understand. He’s in a residential behavior facility for a few days now. The entire Family need prayer. Jermaine accepted Jesus last year before Grandmother’s death, praise God. Thank you!!!

  • Jackie


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