Big Praise Report

Like to share a big praise report on last Saturdays meetings in Denver I was able to do due to the healing I received on the 14th – for you all at Excepted Ends that you all there might be interested in…. without that healing then what happened in those two meetings would not have happened… Saturday April 28, 2018 was amazing day for the Lord, I did two meetings in one day. No coughing full voice range and pitch – Praise you Jesus! God is moving in the miraculous! Two meetings: first was at healing room in Bridgeway Church in Denver in the afternoon in the Gym. Taught the team a bit and many of them needed their soul healed. After that, to the folks.  Five people, including one deliverance with manifestation occurred. The manifestation didn’t last long. Just under two minutes and then the restoration healing of the wound in the heart. I learned not to waste time with manifestations, just set the person free. Some of the folks on the team and the ones that came for prayer, believe it or not, wondered about the word of knowledge and discernment that the Lord flowed thru me.  I was kind of surprised that many of team there were praying for folks in a healing room that do not rely on the Holy Spirit but rather on techniques. Well, they got a dose of the Holy Ghost Saturday. They became pumped. Amen!
Next, at Living Word International in Wheatridge/Denver that evening. The Lord moved. Several notable healings happened.  After briefly sharing my own healing testimony, the Lord shown me a person sitting the audience who had some sort of hearing issue. So, a young guy came up with ringing so bad in the ears that he had difficulty hearing. Began to pray for him, the Lord read his mail, heart/soul wound tactfully graciously revealed, tears in his eye and, yes, ear healed. Then I asked him what was wrong with his shoulder- left side. Some torn muscles from an old injury he said. Healed. He was on fire, happy and anointed. I had him later help pray for another woman. I include people whom the Lord shows me to help pray for folks. Just the way he has me do things. A woman came up with generational sins following her, a walking accident, 5 car wreaks, injuries at home, etc, back fused, neck spine, rupture disks, could hardly move or stand. She began feeling the heat and limbering up and the pain decreased. So, I ask the guy who was healed to help pray for her and she received it – healing. There were several more healings too. But the last one was amazing, a woman who had five neck surgeries (accident) with the surgery scars on side and front of neck as well as a long deep one on the back where neck meets spine. She could not move her neck to the left at all and limited movement to right and up and down, back issues too, and recently torn her achilles tendon too. Well, she can now move her neck left and right up and down full range of motion, no back issue, and the tendon healed too. See left very happy! However, there was one individual at the Living Word meeting that evening that the Lord restrained me launching into a full soul healing-deliverance for.  She wanted freedom, but something was blocking it. The block, generational rejection that is following this person causing questions and rage. What I saw in the spirit was– lots of pain from hatred from her mom, dumping her into the foster system (which happened) abuse, you name in…and too much to list here. She verified all this as well too. Best I could do was pray as the Lord directed me too for this woman who I will call simply – J – to go directly before the Lord and have Him expose and answer the ‘big why’ she had that holds the rage in. She couldn’t see past it. I released the Co 2:10 for her as led by the Lord. J lives in Colorado Springs and works as an elder caregiver there.
I have encountered similar things before in people. It is as though they are there determined to prove that God can’t help them be free them, yet want God too help them so they come with a provoking attitude – and for her it was the ‘I have been rejected, wounded so bad, can’t help me attitude’ that causes a person wear the’ – I’m rejected so reject me – no one can help – I’m despicable clothes every day.’ So, if possible if the Lord permits, could you all please pray for – J -to have her soul healed and set free. J has blessings from the Lord but the ‘rage’ and the ‘why’ things she wears blocks J from entering fully into the Lord and robs her of her blessings. She needs her eyes opened and rest I leave in the Lord’s hands. The meetings were awesome last Saturday and God’s miraculous power in full display. Feels good to be back in the saddle again and I want to thank Katie calling me out and praying healing for me on April 14, 2018. If not, last Saturday would not have happened – so you all have a behind the scenes hand in God’s work at both Bridgeway Healing Rooms and Living Word Ministries international meetings in Denver! I spoke and prayed for people in two meetings so much that I am slightly horse from it, but it feels good because I can feel it. Need the callouses in the windpipes again – LOL.  My wife says I over did it but I feel great! People who haven’t had any ‘no’ feeling in the larynx can’t imagine what is like to be able to speak normal again and what this means. Ever Grateful for every-ones call and obedience and moxie for the Lord at Expected End Ministries! B.W.M

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