My husband and I started to study Katie’s teachings last November. We started to get our souls healed and came under attack by the enemy. By April we got in a fight and a long story short my husband went to jail. We were separated for about a month. During that time we were seeking God and getting healing in our souls. God did a mighty work in our marriage as well as start healing an injury from birth that my husband endured at the hands of doctors. He was premature and the doctor used forceps to deliver him. He suffered with nerve damage to the left side of his face that looks like he has had a stroke. Most people mistake it for that. My husband is 52 years old. He could not feel anything touch the left side of his face and neck prior to this time. Nor did he have any lines in his face from musculature. I am a nurse and nerves do not grow back. It has been proven by medicine that once nerves are damaged that there is no chance of repair. WELL…… husband for the past 3 to 4 months has had feeling in his neck, he is getting lines and smile wrinkles, his left side of his face now gets tired. He can feel that something is on his face without me telling him and the line in the middle of his lip is straightening out.  We came to the conference in Tampa and I am believing that the healing in his face will be a finished work by Holy Spirit. I tell my husband that his face will be so straight that it will be completely symmetrical. Most people have slight differences between the sides of their faces. I tell my husband that God will heal it completely and it will be “disgustingly” symmetrical. Katie prayed for my husband the first night and it was slightly straighter in the morning. We are heading to day two in a little while and I believe that the healing will be done. I will give update later. I believe that this will be used in our territory for a sign and a wonder. Go God!!!!!!!!!  -M. R.

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