Beginning of Transformation

Hi Katie: I just ordered the 5 CD set The Glory Light of Jesus Heals the Soul. I had a wonderful chat with the rep on the line and she gave me another number to call and request that you come to Canada. I told her that I am praying to the Lord and asking Him to move His hand and see that you and your husband are fully and completely pardoned regarding your past. Katie, that is not who you are. God has and is doing wonderful things in your life. I want to give testimony, and tell you what is happening in my life. Where do I start! A little over a year ago, I was lead by the Holy Spirit to the computer (I am not a computer person) because I was being savagely attacked in my thoughts. I asked God to help me. While on-line I stumbled on your youtube channel. You were talking about the wounded soul. I was intrigued. That was the beginning of the transformation in my life. I want to thank you, your teachings (they are really the teachings of the Holy Spirit) are wonderful. I am proud to say I am a partner of this wonderful ministry. I have been praying for you and the ministry. It would be wonderful to see you in Canada. I live just outside of Calgary in Alberta Canada. May God Bless His wonderful work and God Bless you and your husband. Blessings  -V. R.

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