Beauty For Ashes

I got a letter today from your ministry and felt like I needed to send my testimony to Katie. God did a miracle work in my life. I was addicted to alcohol and drugs for over 30 years and have been sober now 6 years. I went to see Katie in Chicago and have had a transforming experience through her teaching. I am forever grateful for her and what God is doing in her life. I stand in awe at his transforming power, dunamis, that can give a person beauty for ashes, if they truly want it. It starts with surrender and receiving hope. I am excited about my future and feel like I truly just started living. I plan on being a partner with Katie, I want to sow into what God is doing, it is truly amazing. I would like to send my whole testimony but it would not allow me to attach it here. Is there a way I can send it? God Bless and thank you for everything!  -C.G.

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