Baggage Claim

Lesson 10

We have been talking about trauma, drama, and soul healing. Many of you know I have had a lot of all of those things. Well, there was a woman in scripture that had a grip of trauma from an illness, and then had more traumas from going to doctors, so I guess my story isn’t new! Let’s take a look at this woman’s story.

Look up Mark 5:25-34. Every time I read this, I think two things, “That poor woman,” and 
“Wow, what an awesome God we serve!” She was completely traumatized! Twelve years of constant bleeding and being sick. Not to mention the humiliation and the embarrassment. Then there were the surgeons and doctors she went she suffered under, plus she spent all of her money and only got worse!

She was completely traumatized but then she saw a ray of hope. She heard Jesus was coming to her town, and she risked getting stoned to death in order to just touch the hem of his cloak. She had that much faith! She believed. She used her faith to press in. She knew if she could just get to Jesus and touch the hem, that she would be healed! And that’s exactly what happened. When she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, Dunamis was released. Jesus was anointed with power and he went around healing all those that were oppressed of the devil. He healed with that power.

Touch the hem of his garment right now. Use your faith to pull on the Dunamis that Jesus has given you. Get past the noisy crowd in your mind, just like that woman pushed through the crowed blocking her. She made her way through that crowd, pressed in, and touched Jesus so His Dunamis came into her and she became excellent in her soul. She was healed of every trauma that came from those horrible situations over that 12-year-long horrific illness.

I want you to reach out right now in faith to Jesus. Reach, believing that His Dunamis power can heal you today, just as it healed her over 2000 years ago. Really cling to Jesus. Dunamis comes from him. If we believe in Him, and are saved, then we already carry that power within us. That is the power to heal. He gives it to us freely.

I want you to use your faith right now. Get to Jesus. Press in towards him. Know that when you touch him, Dunamis is going to be released on your soul and it’s going to heal your physical body. Press in…get to Jesus. Touch the hem. Be filled with Dunamis!

This is what I call soaking. This is the focused, intentional searching for the Jesus. We focus our intent on Him. We focus our Mind, our Will, and our Emotions on Him. We ask Him to reveal areas that need healing in our soul (mind, will and emotions). We don’t always know what God wants to work on first, so we stay open to what Holy Spirit wants to do, and where He wants to go.

Let’s pray for past trauma, walk through this with me. “Jesus, I decree I’m excellent of soul. I’m being filled with Dunamis right now. The power is filling my soul and my body. I’m being healed by the power of Dunamis. I’m touching the hem of Jesus’ garment and He’s healing me in both soul and body. I receive the infilling of the power now in Jesus’ name. I am excellent of soul. I am excellent of soul!”

I am going to continue to pray. I break off all trauma that’s come from family strife. Right now we forgive them. We forgive and repent for being offended right now in the name of Jesus and I command that it be well with your soul. I release angels to go and visit your family, Holy Spirit cause them to be healed in their soul, that they would be filled with Dunamis power. In the name of Jesus I command those accident flashbacks to stop, in Jesus’ name that wound, that itch in your soul that’s acting like a groove in a record, a scratch in a record that’s playing that same recording over and over again, I command that groove in the record of your soul to be healed in Jesus’ name. No more playing that incident over and over again. Be healed in your soul right now in Jesus’ name!

We pray the same thing for people dealing with depression and insecurity in their relationships, that their soul would be fully healed. I pray that they would be able to have healthy relationships and that this trauma would no longer affect them negatively. They will have very good friendships, healthy long-term friendships and relationships.

Lord, you know all of our needs, and all of our baggage, the junk we have in our trunks! We cover it all with the blood, and we repent for the sin involved with these things, weather it is our sin, or that of others. We release your Dunamis power into our soul for healing! Prosper our souls Lord, according to your will, and your word. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

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  • Teresa Rose Guzman

    Yes yes and Amen!
    Activation is powerfull ! Woohooo! Thank you Jesus for this revelation, over 2000 thousand years ago we were giving this tool to activate our faith! Body of Christ this is frontlines news to all Saints! Love God and be blessed saints , his power is Able to do far above and beyond our minds, may we all be filled with his glorious riches and knowledge and inherent his fullness of his goodness!
    Yes yes and Amen! Glory to God in the highest!
    Bless Katie Souzas ministry for being bold enough to tap into this revelation! Blessings to this ministry!

  • Stanket

    This was a great teaching, since I started doing this repenting my knees are being healed. But strife and discord, tired of life as it is,so once I saw areas of my life and faniky,the healing has begun i have a ways to go.God is teaching me some things.

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