Back Pain Healed Taking Communion

Well you all have prayed for me a lot. Bless you, all! I appreciate it and thank you, it has changed my life for the better. I just had to pass it on that while I was having to babysit my grandson, I got the notification to watch Katie live on my i phone (May 5th, Last Tuesday) and they were going to take communion. I was laying on the porch outside because my lower back hurt so much, it has been an off and mostly on pain. but I listened as best I could while he was dumping all his toys on me. I got my husband to bring me some bread and wine because I said “hurry please go get me some communion elements I want to take communion with Katie for my back”. So he brought me some and I prayed that wonderful powerful prayer and my back quit hurting right then and thereafter I took communion with her. Thank you Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit. I was delivered from a spirit of death. Now I just need my toes to quit going numb, I think it is my blood sugar so I am believing and thanking God for that healing that is coming. But I just had to report this praise about my back being healed. ( it has been a long journey to here… I am so thankful and happy. I can swing my hoe in the garden and do all the things I love to do now, Free of Back Pain. Thank you Katy for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Bless your prayer team and ministry.

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