Babysit Your Soul

Hi, Katie. So I think it is about time I shared what has been happening. For many years I have had an on-off relationship with God. Last year I started walking with God. I started watching God TV. We bought a house and my already rocky marriage turned into and earthquake. So I started looking for a church very bitter. November I asked God to help me find out why I am stuck in life and why no matter how I try I just can’t get ahead in life. So God lead me to your channel on YouTube. I started watching your show and applying what you taught. I then got my mum who visited on to your teaching and she got my dad onto it as well. There is so much that happened. But here is the short version of it. I am now the church intercessor. I also preach twice this year. But the most amazing thing that happened was we were attacked by an intruder. My dad was stabbed multiple times. He sustained 14 stab wounds in the flesh while his clothes and bruising told a much different story. Even though we went through this ordeal my mum, dad and I sustained no trauma to our soul it was like we were observers. My husband had a severely cracked hand and lives in fear (guess who has not been doing your teachings). My mum and dad has been on your teachings for two weeks prior to the attack. The police could not believe we didn’t hate our attacker, but felt sorry for him. Here is what I have learned. I have learned that you really need to babysit your soul and that when you soul is healed no matter what happens it does not affect you. I also apply your teaching to the people at church and I am seeing some great results. I love your mentorship program and just had a miracle praying 2 Timothy 2: 25 – 26 yesterday for my hubbies boss who was persecuting my husband. So for anyone that doubt if this works. My dad, mum and I are living proof that when you heal your soul, no matter what the enemy throws at you it cannot affect you. It will be like water running off a ducks back. I hope my testimony helps others to start healing their soul.

PS: My dad still wears the clothes he was attacked in and he, my mum and I sleep soundly at night. After the attack, I cleaned all the blood from the walls and floors, washed the bedding and clothes and I still have no trauma. 🙂 Get your souls healed people. It is so worth it!   -M. D.

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