I’ve been applying the prayers you spoke at the Supernatural Weight Loss Webinar held a few months back and have lost weight! I’m already thin which is quite funny but I’m sure [...]

Healed and Free

The Holy Spirit led me to start a study on the soul about 2 years ago. For whatever reason, I set it aside and moved on to other things, but I knew the Father wanted to give me revelation on it. [...]

Strong in Soul

Lesson 14 In case you missed last week’s blog, let’s review a bit. I was proving to you that some people are dying outside of God’s will or timing for them. We were discussing Lazarus and the [...]

Dying Before Our Time

Lesson 13 Last week we looked at Micah 6 and Luke 5 and 7 (AMPC) and saw how a soul wounded by sin or trauma can cause sickness. Did you know that those diseases can cause people to die before [...]

Soul Health

Lesson 12 We studied Mark 9:47-50 last week and found that Christ was totally speaking about the wounded soul in that passage about plucking out our eye! When the soul is wounded by sin or [...]

PTSD Healing

Thank you so much for your ministry, I am a Vietnam Veteran suffering with PTSD and your teaching is bringing me relief. i pray your anointing will increase in Jesus name. -W.K.


My son, Joshua, is in jail in Oregon. He called me recently & told me he was reading “The Key to Your Expected End”. I got a call from him today. He got saved!!!!! I don’t [...]

Too Many Coincidences

I had student loans totalling $35K years ago. Had to withdraw from college due to my daughter with critical diabetes out of control etc… was too much to attend to her needs as a single mom [...]

Set Free

Katie, I wanted to write and say thank you for your faithfulness to our lord. My life of drug addiction was not as radical as yours. but, it was enough to bring me to my knees. I too did prison [...]