Sons of the Light Soak Audio Series

This new soak is the second stage in embodying God's light. After absorbing the revelation she developed in her Sons of the Light teach, Katie saturates herself in the activating prayers of her [...]

Speak Life Soaker

In this effective soaker, Katie decrees explosive commands breaking off demonic spirits and curses in each of the 12 systems of the body. Receive healing from the top of your head to the bottom [...]

The Serpent and Soul Fire Soak

In this soak, Katie incorporates the most potent fire scriptures with snake-trampling decrees. As you soak, it will facilitate your soul's healing of anything you have in common with these [...]

The Awesome Power Of Purpose

Listen to Katie Souza's powerful, life-changing testimony! Katie's problems began in her early teens when she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol which only escalated her into a life of [...]

Soaking Symphony

Soaking Symphony is music designed to bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth. As people have soaked in God’s presence while listing to this music, I have seen Him perform all kinds of miracles. [...]

Release The Angels

Listen to songs written by Susan Cheatham according to revelations taught by Katie as well as other well-known worship tunes:

  • Ancient Gates
  • Firesong
  • Spirit [...]

Hearing From God Audio Teaching

In this 4-part teaching series, Katie Souza reveals how God, through signs and wonders, led her to receive the powerful healing anointing this ministry carries today. She tells the heart-rending [...]