Lesson 15

In our dreams, when we see a fence or barrier blocking us, we are to put the blood of Jesus on it as we repent and forgive. If we are walking down a dead-end street, this could mean we need to repent and forgive before we can continue. If there is a closed door, there may be a soul wound hiding in the room. We need to get in that door to see what is there. We apply the blood to it. If the door has a lock, it is like a fence or barrier and represents sin, so we apply the blood to the lock. We pay attention to the details. What is the door constructed of? Iron means we need extra time repenting and applying the blood to open the door to the room where the soul wounds are hiding.

We dream about bathrooms because we get cleaned up in the bathroom and it is one of the rooms in our temple. Pay attention to what that bathroom looks like. Is it old? Is it new? Is it dirty? Is it in bad condition? Details will tell us how far along we are in our soul healing process. Is there poop on the toilet seat? (I’m just being real with you. I can’t say how many of these dreams I have had). We had a whole season of poop dreams – poop flowing out of the toilet; poop everywhere. Poop represents sin. When the bathtub is clogged, that clog represents sin. If we go into a dark bathroom, we need to apply the blood!

I was in a bathroom dream and I saw multiple shower-heads. I asked the Lord, “What does that mean?” He said, “It’s going to take multiple times of putting light on your soul to get this one.” God told me that in advance so I wouldn’t give up. So, the first step in getting your wounds healed is to deal with the sin that created the wound. Symbols in your dreams and visions can show you the sin that might be blocking the light.

Step two: When you have dealt with the sin, then you can apply the Glory Light of Christ to the wound to get it healed. Once again, symbols in your dreams and visions can guide you through this step.

Once, when praying for another person’s soul, I applied the blood and then asked for the light. In a vision I saw the blackness of space and waves of light were coming at me, but they were still in the distance. This simple vision told me the activation was working; the light was on its way. It also told me the light was not here yet and had not accomplished its purpose. Really look at the detail of your vision. Was the light bright or dim in the bathroom? Details tell us how far along we have come.

I’ve had wounds healed in minutes, but I’ve had others that have taken longer to be healed. During those times, the visions and dreams God gave me told me how far along I had come. My husband had a dream that we were both standing by a small mountain and were attacking a tank that was hemmed into a cul-de-sac at the base of a large mountain. The tank was trying to protect the cul-de-sac, but it was so hemmed in that the tank couldn’t turn around all the way. There was also a cliff overhang blocking its way so it was blasting at the mountain to bring down the overhang. Little did the tank know that on the other side of that overhang, angels were ready to shoot in light as soon as that portion of the mountain was destroyed.

I knew the large mountain represented my husband’s soul and the smaller one represented mine. I was fighting for him, so we were both over at my mountain shooting at his larger mountain. I understood what I needed to do. I put blood on the overhang that was blocking the light. This would help the tank break it off. The first night, I focused the blood and light on that rock overhang to help break it off. After about half an hour, I felt movement in the spirit, but I didn’t see any visions or get a progress report. I had not gotten a confirmation that the wound was healed, so I continued soaking it in the light; sending light towards that cul-de-sac. By the way, “cul-de-sac” means “a dead-end street and an area that’s hemmed in by a military force”! God was not showing us tanks and cul-de-sacs just for the fun of it! He shows us things that have meaning.

The next day, I released more light on that cul-de-sac and then saw a vision of the light rising half-way up my husband’s back! This was my progress report! The sun of righteousness was arising with healing for the mountain of my husband’s soul! See Malachi 4:2 (AMPC). Because the light was only halfway up his back, this vision told me to keep on going!

You will want to hang around for step three because I will be teaching about how to kick the enemy off of your (and other people’s) soul in lesson 16!

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