Atmosphere of Deliverance

I was at the Bloomingdale, IL conference (August 2016) and while listening to Katie teach and my neck was hurting badly. It has been a problem for a year or so. I have gone to a chiropractor and a massage therapist in the past and purchased special pillows, but the pain always came back. While in the meeting I kept reaching up to squeeze my neck to try to relieve the pain and headache. The lady sitting behind me suddenly started massaging my shoulders and neck. I was startled at first but allowed her to continue for about 3 minutes. When she stopped I turned around to thank her. She said, “You have been grabbing your neck all night so I thought I could help.” I said to her, “The pain has stopped and I don’t have a headache anymore.” She modestly waived me off and said, “Thanks but it may come back tomorrow.” But she was wrong. The rest of that night my neck didn’t hurt. When I woke up it didn’t hurt. The next day during the 10-hour meeting my neck didn’t hurt, and today (8-29-16) the pain has not returned! I believe I was healed in that meeting due to the atmosphere of deliverance. I couldn’t find the lady to thank her for her compassion toward me to lay on hands, but I can thank you, Katie (and the team) for creating an atmosphere of deliverance in that place. So grateful! C. S.

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