Ascending in the Glory

My sister who has the gift of prophecy introduced me to Katie Souza sermon videos on youtube and I eventually attended Dominion 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. We were praying as a group and Katie said she saw an angel collecting our prayers as if collecting mail. Sometime after attending the event 1. I received a financial blessing ( close to 10x amount I sowed at the event) 2. I had a dream of an escalator that went all the way to heaven and an angel wearing a hat & a briefcase or mailbag (sorry, fuzzy memory ) ascending to heaven. Around that time I had the dream I started taking a class by chance ( was looking up one class and ended up taking another) in a field I was normally interested in but never pursued out of insecurity. I believe this was a fruit of God healing my soul. That class started a new personal project for me and I was praying for marriage. Then came a temptation in the form of a counterfeit relationship, I fell for it and my well being was attacked. I now know that the enemy saw my blessings dispatched and worked to block me. But God is good and no weapon formed against me will prosper. The counterfeit took itself out after I prayed for the Hand of God upon the situation. My family also went through difficult situations. I am writing this testimony because my sister encouraged me to as encouragement and thanks to your ministry after hearing of the attacks that came against Katies’s teachings within the last year. I just want to say Blessings to you, against the patterns of this world we will see increase and restoration in 2020.


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